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The Grand Seduction (2013)

Brendan Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, Liane Balaban, Gordon Pinsent, Anna Hopkins, Rhonda Rodgers, Michael Therriault
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Unemployed fisherman Murray staggers home, drunk. (0:12)

Doctor Paul on telephone: “No, I’m not still drunk.”
He tells the customs officer, ”Hence the trophy and the hangover, sir.”
”Okay, that’s cocaine. That’s cocaine...” (0:16)

Simon tells Murray, “So, we must have a cocaine-friendly village.” (0:21)

Postmistress Kathleen tells Murray, “You’re cracked! You’re cracked!” (0:28)

Paul tells Murray, “I get these anxiety attacks...” (0:32)

Murray asks Paul, “Will you be needing any cocaine?” (0:37)

Paul tells his girlfriend by telephone, referring to his dog: “He’ll get depressed, Helen.” (0:40)

Paul asks Kathleen, “I mean what kind of moron would get lost in a tiny village like this, huh?”
Kathleen: ”Pretty big moron I guess.” (0:42)

A mom tells Paul, referring to her son, “And David still wets his bed.”
“He is a bed-wetter.” (0:48)

Paul asks the town meeting, “Are you all completely mad?” (0:49)

Murray asks Paul, “So what about the cocaine addiction?” (0:57)

Murray tells Paul, referring to his son, “We lost him 10 years ago.”
Paul: ”I lost my father.”
”He passed away when I was two.” (1:04)

Paul’s best friend Jack asks him, “Gone crazy out there yet?’ (1:12)

Paul tells banker Henry, “You’re pissed drunk again, aren’t you?”
Henry: ”I’m loaded. Yeah, I’m loaded.”
Man: ”Crazy.” (1:23)

Frank tells the town meeting: “If I listen to one more jazz musician blow his sorrow through his trumpet, I will kill myself... I will hang myself.” (1:37)

Murray: “The health plan is the best.” (1:47)