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The Great Ziegfeld

William Powell, Myrna Loy, Luise Rainer, Frank Morgan, Fanny Brice, Virginia Bruce, Reginald Owen, Ray Bolger, William Demarest, Ernest Cossart, Joseph Cawthorn, Nat Pendleton, Harriet Hoctor, Jean Chatburn, Paul Irving, Herman Bing
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Strongman Sandow tells impresario Ziegfeld, referring to impresario Billings, “Even that music from his little Egypt drives me crazy.” (0:16)

A woman swoons when she feels Sandow’s muscle.
Ziegfeld: “She’s only fainted.” (0:19)

His showgirl wife Anna tells Ziegfeld, “I’m so nervous.” (1:06)

Showgirl Audrey tells the audience, “Little Audrey is a wee bit tight tonight.” (1:46)

Songwriter Gene tells Ziegfeld, “You’ll go crazy over this one.” (1:52)

Her showgirl friend “Sarah Bernhardt” asks showgirl Brice, “Fannie, Fannie, have you fainted?” (1:59)

Ziegfeld finds Audrey drunk in the dressing room. He tells Anna, “She’s drunk.”
Anna: “Do you always do that when she’s drunk?” (2:08)

Butler Sidney tells Billings, referring to Ziegfeld, “Well he’s much improved, sir, but he’s very nervous.” (2:52)