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Grosse Pointe Blank

John Cusack, Dan Aykroyd, Minnie Driver, Joan Cusack, Alan Arkin, Hank Azaria, Jeremy Piven
Mary Tyler Moore | cocaine | fluoxetine | lithium | Prozac | marijuana | Durazac
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Hit man Grocer asks hit man Martin if he remembers, “That nut, General Kwang?” (0:04)

Martin's receptionist Marcella tells him, referring to a client, “They say you’ve gotta make amends.” (0:10)

In a psychotherapy session Martin tells his psychotherapist Dr. Oatman, “I’m conflicted... I just think it’ll be depressing. It’ll be depressing.”
Oatman: “... I get filled with anxiety when you talk about something like that.”
Martin: “What do you say to other patients.”
”It’s hard to stay in a good mood.”
Oatman: “That girl you’re obsessed with?”
Martin: “Don’t you think obsessed is a strong word?”
Oatman: “That sounds like a very, very depressed dream.”
”It’s a depressing dream to dream about that rabbit.” (0:11)

Martin tells his high school teacher Mrs. Kinetta, “You’ve still got that whole Mary Tyler Moore thing.” (0:20)

Martin tells his mother Mary, “They told me you have been taking lithium.” (0:24)

Martin visits a graveyard and pours Scotch whiskey over his father’s grave. (0:26)

Martin’s D.J. high school girlfriend Debi on the air: “Is this... panic...?”
Martin: “I could venture a guess, but I think it would sound like a rationalization, sort of a cop out... This whole thing was my therapist’s idea really.” (0:30)

Martin, to himself: “Never trust my instincts.” (0:34)

Martin lights his real estate agent friend Paul’s joint. He tells Paul, “I freaked out...”
”I freaked out...” (0:38)

Debi tells Martin, “You seem very nervous.”
”That’s psychotic.”
”Do you know how much time I spent on this masochistic cycle...?”
”Besides, it’s gonna be depressing...” (0:45)

Debi tells Martin, “I went to the... psychiatrist.” (0:50)

Debi tells Martin, “You’re a... psycho.” (0:57)

Waitress tells Grocer and Martin: “... if you’re in the mood for something different...”
Grocer tells Martin, “Durazac 15. Makes Prozac feel like a decaf latte.”
Martin: ”... these idiots were flushing game with sticks of dynamite... Budro was acting on instinct.” (0:59)

Martin, rehearsing in his mirror: “I’m a pet psychiatrist. I sell couch insurance.” (1:03)

By telephone Martin tells Oatman, “... I’m just a little anxious...”
”I’m confused.” (1:03)

Alumnus Nathaniel tells Martin, “We’re gonna go outside and blow a fat one man.” (1:11)

Bald guy tells Martin, “All these people drive me crazy...” (1:13)

Car dealer Bob asks Debi, “Wanna go out and do some blow?” (1:15)

Poster in school nurse’s office: “Hazards of Substance Abuse.” (1:19)

Bob asks Martin, “You wanna do some blow?” (1:22)

Martin finds a joint in his school locker. (1:23)

Martin leaves voicemail for Oatman: “... I don’t think you’re serious about the therapy...” (1:29)

Martin tells Debi, “When I took the service exam my psych profile fit a certain moral flexibility...”
Debi: “You’re a psychopath.”
Martin: “A psychopath kills for no reason.” (1:31)

Grocer offers his driver “Durazac?” (1:36)