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Grumpy Old Men

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret, Burgess Meredith, Daryl Hannah, Kevin Pollak, Ossie Davis, Buck Henry, Christopher McDonald, Joe Howard
Ronald Reagan
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Retiree John tells his retiree neighbor Max, “Hello moron.” (0:02)

Max tells IRS agent Mr. Snyder referring to John, “Man’s crazy, loco.”
John: “Idiot.” (0:03)

John tells Max, “Jacob, moron...” (0:09)

John asks bait shop owner Chuck, “And the moron?” (0:11)

John addresses Max: “Moron.”
Max, referring to women, ”They get obsessed with me.”
John: “Moron.” (0:30)

Max’s candidate for mayor son Jacob tells John, referring to their new literature professor neighbor Ariel, “Sounds like a wacko to me.” (0:36)

John referring to Chuck: “That crazy...” (0:38)

John tells Max, referring to Chuck, “He’s dead.
Referring to Max, “He has the intelligence quotient of a newt.” (0:50)

John tells Ariel, referring to his son Brian, “Lost him in Vietnam.”
Referring to Max, ”That’s me and the moron.” (1:01)

John, referring to Max: “He belongs in a rubber room.”
”Are you crazy?”
”Yeah, and that’s why you’re a moron.” (1:07)

John addresses Max: “Moron.”
To himself: ”Moron. Idiot.” (1:22)

Ariel tells John, “You know, I’m not crazy about turkey.” (1:28)

Jacob asks Max, “Nervous?”
Max, referring to John: “I’m not nervous. The groom is nervous.”
John: “I’m not nervous.” (1:34)

Max tells Ariel, “I’m Ronald Reagan.” (1:39)

John tells Max, “You’re a moron.” (1:40)