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Treat Williams, Beverly D'Angelo, John Savage, Cheryl Barnes, Don Dacus, Ronnie Dyson, Annie Golden, Melba Moore, Dorsey Wright, Charlotte Rae
cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | hashish | 4-Methyl-2,5-dimethoxyamphetamine | dimethyltryptamine
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Song lyrics, "Donna": "San Francisco's psychedelic urchin" (0:13)

Cowboy Claude smokes a bong.
Song lyrics, "Hashish": “Hashish, cocaine, opium, LSD, DMT, STP, BLT”
Hippie Hud offers a bong to Claude. (0:15)

Debutante Sheila smokes a roach with a clip then shares it with the other girls. (0:28)

Sheila tells Hippie George, “You’re crazy. I think you’re really crazy.” (0:39)

A prison psychiatrist asks hippie Woof, “Can you tell me why you’re so uptight about having your hair cut?” (0:41)

“L$D” on hippie’s hat in Central Park. He places sugar cubes in peoples’ mouths. (0:47)

Claude feels the effects of LSD. He hallucinates a fantastic wedding to Sheila. (0:50)

Hippie Jeannie tells Hud’s fiancée, “I don’t see what you’re so uptight about.”
Hud’s fiance: ”That’s why I’m uptight.”
”You’re crazy.”
Jeannie: ”Yeah, I’m crazy. We’re all crazy.” (1:26)