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Ricki Lake, Divine, Sonny Bono, Deborah Harry, Ruth Brown, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Michael St. Gerard, Leslie Ann Powers, Clayton Prince, Jerry Stiller, Mink Stole, Ric Ocasek, Shawn Thompson
Elvis Presley | marijuana
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Scribbled on board: "Elvis" (0:02)

Homemaker Edna Turnblad tells her daughter Tracy and Tracy’s friend Penelope “Penny” Pingleton, "... my diet pill is wearing off."
”If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she was mental.” (0:08)

Edna asks Tracy, "Did you take that appetite suppressant I gave you on Dr. McKenzie’s orders?" (0:13)

Dance caller: "Crazy."
”Crazy.” (0:16)

Penny tells the others, "I’m just a little nervous."
Television host Corny Collins’ assistant, Tammy: ”If you think you’re nervous, now, ha!”
”The council will now meet in secret, debate your personality flaws, and come to a final decision.” (0:24)

Edna asks Penny, "Did poor Debbie Reynolds have a nervous breakdown?" (0:27)

Tracy asks principal Mr. Davidson, "Special ed?"
Davidson: ”Yes, Miss Turnblad, special education.”
Tracy: ”But that’s for retards...” (0:38)

Teacher Mrs. Shipley tells the class, "Now, you all know, today is special education’s turn at the dodge ball tournament."
”So let’s... show them that special education’s nothing to laugh about.” (0:40)

Gym teacher: "This is special ed?" (0:40)

Tracy: "Penny, they put me in special ed just ‘cause of my hair."
Amber, referring to Tracy: ”I’ll get that fat retard.” (0:41)

Hefty Hideaway store owner Mr. Pinky, on television: "Don’t worry about it." (0:43)

Her new boyfriend Lincoln “Link” Larkin tells Tracy, "Don’t worry" (0:44)

Record shop owner Motormouth Maybelle Stubbs, referring to Penny’s mother Prudence: "Ooh, papa tuney, we got a loony."
Tracy: ”Mrs. Pingleton, stop acting crazy.” (0:49)

A beatnik chick tells the others, "Let’s do some reefer. We’ll get high, and I’ll iron the chicks’ hair."
Beatnick artist: ”Reefer!”
Tracy: ”Drugs?”
Chick: ”When I’m high, I am Odetta. Let’s get naked and smoke.”
Link: ”Don’t breathe it in: You’ll be addicted.”
Chick reads: ”I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical, naked...” (1:02)

Prudence: "Penny, this is Dr. Fredrickson. He’s a psychiatrist, and he’s going to make you all better."
Fredrickson: ”Feeling depressed, Penny?”
Penny’s father Patrick “Paddy” Pingleton offers Penny a straight jacket, saying, ”I’m telling you, shock treatments are the answer.”
Edna tells Tracy, ”We’ve been worried sick about you.” (1:03)

Edna tells her husband Wilbur, "Fetch me my diet pills, would you, hon?" (1:08)

Television studio president Arvin Hodgepile: "What, are you crazy?" (1:10)

Fredrickson shocks Penny. (1:11)

Prudence asks Penny, "Now darling, aren’t you glad that you were punished and under psychiatric care?" (1:14)

Reference in Connie and Carla