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Hamlet 2

Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Joseph Julian Soria, Skylar Astin, Phoebe Strole, Melonie Diaz, Arnie Pantoja, Michael Esparza, Natalie Amenula, Marshall Bell, David Arquette, Elisabeth Shue, Amy Poehler, Shea Pepe, Marco Rodriguez, Deborah Chavez
marijuana | cocaine | methamphetamine | lysergic acid diethylamide
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His wife Brie tells drama teacher Dana,  "I'm gonna go back to dealin' pot."
Dana: "I'm not going to have you dealing drugs." (0:05)

Dana tells the waiter he is "seven years sober."
Brie tells Dana, "I'd blow my brains out..." (0:14)

Dana asks the class what stops someone from "wrapping his lips around a .45 and just blowing his brains out?" (0:18)

Drama student Chuy's character asks in rehearsal, "You call me a drunk?"
Octavio talks about "Getting drunk and beating up on a little boy. (0:29)

Drama student Epiphany tells Dana, "Mr. Marshz, these guys are drunk."
Dana: "I haven't had a drink in seven years. Got the chip on my key chain to prove it from an organization called AA... beer, liquor, dope, coke, meth." He then appears intoxicated, apparently from mango iced tea laced with a drug by the students. (0:33)

Dana tells the drama class: "First of all, acid is a very strong drug." He then tells drama student Rand how factors, "... not to mention the acid, inspired me to..." (0:35)

Dana tells Octavio's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marquez, "If Hamlet had had just a little bit of therapy he could have turned the whole thing around." (0:40)

Drama student Vitamin J tells Dana, "My buddy's meth lab burned down." (0:50)

Dana drinks, relapsing. (1:00)

Dana tells the liquor store clerk, "I feel like Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas." (1:01)

Drama student Ivonne tells Chuy and Epiphany, "I really think Mr. Marshz is bipolar, just like my cousin..."
Octavio: "He's not bipolar, he's a freak"
Dana tells the class, "Which is why I skate... That and the DUI." (1:02)

Dana tells Chuy, "I'm still a little drunk." (1:07 )

Rand tells Dana (?), "I've been going to a shrink five days a week, and I've started on antidepressants..." (1:09)

The cast sings: "Therapy's taken me to a better place... "
"maybe the wrong medication"
"to hear this oral fixation of mine." (1:10)

The cast sings "Rock Me Sexy Jesus: "and we stopped smoking weed, at least not as much..." (1:13)

Dana tells ACLU attorney Cricket, "I was thinking about all those voices saying you can't do it."
Cricket: "That's psychosis." (1:23)