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Hannah and Her Sisters

CastBarbara Hershey, Carrie Fisher, Michael Caine, Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Max von Sydow, Woody Allen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julie Kavner, J.T. Walsh, John Turturro, Richard Jenkins, Benno Schmidt, Joanna Gleason, Maria Chiara, Daniel Stern, Paul Bates, Tony Roberts, Sam Waterston
Year released1986
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Financial advisor Elliot, to himself: “I thought I was going to swoon... It doesn’t look good for you to swoon.” (0:02)

Elliot’s actress wife Hannah asks her actress sister Holly, “Are we talking about cocaine again?”
”I haven’t done drugs in a year.” (0:04)

Hannah’s sister Lee tells Hannah, “I need an antihistamine.”
”Where’s the antihistamine?”
Holly asks Hannah, referring to Lee’s artist partner Frederick, “He’s... such a depressive.”
Hannah: “He’s not a dope addict or anything.” (0:04)

Lee tells Elliot, “You know Frederick, one of his moods.”
”Sociology, psychology, maybe...”
Lee tells Hannah, referring to Hannah’s ex-husband, ”He’s just as crazy as ever.”
Hannah: “Mickey’s such a hypochondriac.” (0:06)

Frederick tells Lee, “I’m sure all those morons he handles have a deep feeling for art.” (0:10)

Title: “The hypochondriac.” (0:11)

His assistant Gail tells television writer Mickey, “This kid must’ve taken 1600 Quaaludes.”
Man: “Child molestation is a touchy subject.”
Mickey tells another writer, “You’re crazy.”
Gail: “Listen, instead of the child-molestation sketch why don’t we repeat the... Ronald Reagan dance number?”
Ronnie asks Mickey, “You want a Quaalude?” (0:11)

Mickey tells Dr. Abel, “This guy’s the real hypochondriac of the family.”
Abel: “There’s no reason to panic. I just want to rule out some things.” (0:14)

Mickey tells his assistant, “Naturally they’re not going to tell you because sometimes the weaker ones will panic.”
Assistant: “But you don’t have any symptoms.”
Mickey: ”I got the classic symptoms of a brain tumor.” (0:17)

Holly, to herself: “Maybe I’ll get into bed early, turn on a movie and take an extra Seconal.” (0:23)

Lee tells Elliot, “I was just going to my AA meeting.”
”... I still find the meetings very comforting...”
Elliot: “Perhaps you could take me to an AA meeting sometime.” (0:25)

Title: “The anxiety of the man in the booth.” (0:29)

Mickey, to himself: “Don’t panic.” (0:30)

Mickey awakens in panic: “I can’t sleep.” (0:31)

Mickey’s former partner’s wife tells her husband, “I think it’s a matter for your analyst, and mine.” (0:35)

Elliot tells Lee, “But I’d go nuts.”
To himself: “Not her, you idiot.”
Elliot’s client Dusty tells him Frederick is “Paranoid.” (0:38)

Elliot tells Lee, referring to Hannah, “She’s crazy about me, but...” (0:42)

The sisters’ father Evan tells Hannah, referring to their mother Norma, “And at lunch she got drunker and drunker.”
”You never know when she’s going to fall off the wagon...”
Hannah: “You promised to stay on the wagon.”
Norma: “He’s ruined me with his ego...”
”I’d have been a great dope addict.” (0:44)

Dr. Brooks tells Mickey, “I must admit I was concerned given your symptoms.” (0:48)

Mickey tells Gail, “I was going to kill myself.” (0:50)

Lee tells Elliot, “I didn’t sleep all night.” (0:51)

Lee tells Frederick, “I’m really not in the mood to hear a review of contemporary society again.”
Frederick: “You know you’ve been very nervous lately.” (0:54)

Elliot, to himself, referring to Lee: “I have to call her now and tell her what we did was crazy.”
“I’m getting hysterical.” (0:58)

Mickey, to himself: “And Nietzsche, with his theory of eternal recurrence... And Freud, another great pessimist. I was in analysis for years. Nothing happened. My poor analyst got so frustrated, the guy finally put in a salad bar.” (1:00)

Mickey tries to convince Holly not to snort more cocaine. (1:01)

Holly complains to Mickey: “You won’t get high.” (1:02)

Mickey complains to Holly, “And you don’t have to snort cocaine at the table all the time.”
Mickey, referring to Hannah: ”She’s got a great instinct for people.”
Holly: “I’ve been a little depressed lately.” (1:04)

Mickey, to himself: “Holly with her cocaine.” (1:04)

Holly tells Hannah, referring to architect David, “He’s married, and his wife’s in and out of institutions. She’s schizophrenic.” (1:08)

Lee tells Hannah, “You know Holly. When she’s depressed she’s manic.”
Hannah, referring to Elliot: ”He’s been kind of moody lately.”
Holly: “It’s just crazy.”
Hannah tells Holly, “You’re crazy.” (1:16)

Elliot in psychotherapy session. (1:20)

Mickey, to himself: “Oh God, I’m so depressed.” (1:22)

Mickey tells Holly, “I was not in the mood to listen to this thing now.”
”What made you think of that climax scene where the architect is walking home with his actress girlfriend and the ex-wife, the schizophrenic, jumps out of the bushes and stabs them to death?” (1:34)

Mickey tells Holly, “One day, about a month ago, I really hit bottom... didn’t want to go on living. Now I happen to own this rifle, which I loaded... and pressed it to my forehead, and I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to kill myself’.”
”I was embarrassed and confused, and my mind was racing a mile a minute.” (1:35)

In a movie theater Mickey watches Duck Soup. “... and I started getting hooked on the film, and I started to feel, ‘How can you even think of killing yourself?’...” (1:37)

Mickey tells Holly, “Don’t get nervous.” (1:42)

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