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Hannibal Rising

CastGaspard Ulliel, Rhys Ifans, Li Gong, Helena-Lia Tachovská, Richard Leaf, Dominic West, Michele Wade, Richard Brake, Martin Hub, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Kevin McKidd
Year released2007
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Young Hannibal watches as German bullets kill his father. HIs mother dies in his arms. (0:08)

Soldier Grutas: “I need information, you idiot.” (0:15)

One young man tells another, referring to Hannibal, “He’s a mute.”
Young man: ”He’s not mute at night.” (0:19)

In a nightmare Hannibal experiences a flashback of the death of his sister Mischa. (0:20, 0:28)

The sight of boiling water triggers another flashback. (0:30)

Butcher Momund tells Hannibal, “Boy, you must be crazy to come here.” (0:38)

Hannibal undergoes polygraph examination. (0:45)

Hannibal’s aunt Lady Murasaki tells him, “Memory is a knife.” (0:51)

An aid injects Louis to prepare him for narcosynthesis. (0:53)

Bottle labeled thiopental sodium.
Hannibal injects himself with the drug.
He remembers details of MIscha’s murder. (0:56)

Milko tells Hannibal, “We ate 12.” (1:26)

Inspector Popil tells Hannibal, “Cannibalism.” (1:28)

Popil tells his associate, “The court has to declare him insane, then, in the asylum, the doctors can study him and find out what he is.” (1:32)

Hannibal answers Kolnas, “Aside from eating my sister, nothing.”
Kolnas: “Lunatic.” (1:45)

Grutas tells Hannibal, “You ate her too, so why don’t you kill yourself?”
”You ate her... half-conscious.” (1:56)

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