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Hans Christian Andersen

Danny Kaye, Farley Granger, Jeanmarie, Joey Walsh, Philip Tonge, John Qualen
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Cobbler Hans tells assistant Peter and customer Mrs. Berta, “When Mr. Berta’s feet hurt, he drives the whole house crazy.”
“Are you crazy, Peter?” (0:19)

Ballet dancer Doro tells her choreographer husband Niels, “And you look so wonderfully poetic when you are in a rage, my dear.” (0:47)

Peter, referring to Doro and Niels: “They laugh and kiss, then they scream and beat each other: Kind of crazy.” (0:53)

Niels tells Hans, “Don’t deliver any shoes before a performance you idiot.” (1:24)

Niels tells Doro, “I had other things to think about just then but a crazy cobbler.” (1:42)