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Happy Go Lucky

CastPhil Regan, Evelyn Venable, Jed Prouty, William Newell, Jonathan Hale, Harlan Briggs
Year released1936
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Singer John L. “Happy Jack” Cole tells stage manager Charlie, "... you’re... the object of my dreams..." (0:02)

Charlie asks a stage hand, "Do you think I'm crazy?" (0:03)

Jack tells singer Mary Gorham, “... You’re the object of my dreams...”
Mary, mistaking Jack for her pilot husband Bill Lyons: "Bill, you’re making a fool of yourself." (0:05)

Jack tells Mary, "... this seems so much like a dream."
Mary: ”I feel almost as though I were dreaming, too.”
Jack: ”I always did think that dreams were nicer than reality.”
”... I think that one of us is crazy.”
Mary: ”You did get hurt, and that’s why you can’t remember.” (0:07)

Mary tells her father Charles Gorham, referring to Jack, "Half the time he didn’t seem to know me. I don’t think he even knows who he is. His memory’s gone."
Charles’ friend J. Lansing Bennett: ”Sounds like amnesia.”
Charles, reading the title of a book: ”Psychoanalysis
”... Amnesia, loss of memory. Requires patience, diplomacy and understanding, the proper usage of words that suggest association, memory.” (0:09)

Butler Morley asks Charles, "... a lunatic in the household?"
Charles tells Jack, ”Now the easiest way to remember things is by the law of association...” (0:15)

Someone renders Tom unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:17)

Bennett tells a policeman, referring to Jack, "He’s daffy..." (0:19)

Charlie asks Jack, "Are you crazy?" (0:20)

Jack tells Bennett, "You look like a sane man."
Referring to Charles: ”Have you ever found anything wrong with him mentally?”
”He’s just plumb crazy.”
”... I was slugged on the head, and when I came to, there was the butler with a knife in his back...”
”... do I look crazy?”
Bennett renders Jack unconscious with a blow to the head. (0:24)

Jack tells Mary, "Every time I meet anyone connected with you I wake up unconscious." (0:26)

Mary: "Bill, have you gone mad?" (0:28)

Bill punches a thug in the face. (0:30)

Al tells Bill, "... I had a tough time convincing them you weren’t crazy" (0:31)

Jack punches Al in the face. (0:32)

Jack tells a henchman, "... It makes me nervous." (0:33)

Capt. Matzdorf tells Jack, "... I hope you’re recovered your memory sufficiently..." (0:33)

Jack tells Bennett, "Oh, don’t worry. I can fly just as well drunk or sober." (0:38)

Pilot Bill Lyons tells the others, "... I’ve been unconscious for a week." (0:39)

Men on the ground, referring to Jack: "Look at the crazy fool fly that ship." (0:41)

U.S. Consul E. R. Brown tells Col. Wallace and Doctor Wilson, referring to Jack: "Here’s your lunatic."
Jack: ”Listen, you don’t think I’m crazy, do you?”
Wilson: ”The symptoms are clear cut... this man is suffering from maniac depressive insanity.” (0:43)

Jack asks Charlie, "Are you crazy too?" (0:45)

Brawl with head injuries (0:50)

Wallace: "... He’s a dangerous lunatic."
Bill Lyons tells Charlie: ”Oh, you’ll sock me in the eye, will you?”
Charlie tells Lyons, ”... It’s just a slight case of mistaken identity.”
Jack: ”Look, who’s crazy now?” (0:51)

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