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Tatsuya Nakadai, Rentarô Mikuni, Shima Iwashita, Akira Ishihama, Tetsuro Tamba, Hisashi Igawa, Yoshio Inaba, Kei Sato, Shoji Kobayashi, Ichirô Nakaya, Masao Mishima
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A retainer tells senior counselor Saitō, referring to ronin Hanshirō, “Rather than live on in such poverty and disgrace he wishes to die honorably by harakiri...” (0:05)

Saitō tells Hanshirō, “Rather than live on in endless poverty... you wish to end your life in manner befitting a samurai, by harakiri.”
Referring to ronin Motome: ”He requested the use of our forecourt to dispatch himself with honor.” (0:07)

A retainer tells retainer Yazaki, “The fellow who went to the Sengoku house was serious about disemboweling himself... They have no intention of performing harakiri...”
Saitō: “He hasn’t the slightest intention of killing himself, yet he speaks of honorable harakiri..” (0:10)

Hanshirō makes a gesture as though committing harakiri. (0:18)

Retainer Hikokuro tells Motome, “All other arrangements are in place for a proper harakiri ceremony.”
”We made the harakiri arrangements at your request.”
”Rather than being chopped up like a dead fish, perform harakiri...” (0:19)

Retainer Yazaki asks Hikokuro, “He sells off his soul... saying he wants to perform harakiri?” (0:23)

Saitō: “Mr. Motome... you’ve declared your wish to die honorably by harakiri.”
”I’ve heard lately of... ronin who... demand the use of a clan’s forecourt to commit harakiri.”
Hikokuro: ”The rite of harakiri has changed over time. In recent years it is harakiri in name only.” He gestures across his belly, then down. (0:24)

Motome tries to dismbowel himself with his bamboo sword. (0:29)

Saitō asks Hanshirō, “... who in his right mind attempts harakiri with just a bamboo sword?”
Hanshirō gestures again. Saitō tells an attendant, “This ronin... is to... perform harakiri.” (0:32)

Hanshirō finds his friend Jinnai has committed harakiri. (0:44)

Castle repairs commissioner Fukushima asks Hanshirō, referring to Jinnai, “Committing harakiri even before I do?" (0:45)

Saitō tells the others, “Hikokuro was the one who first insisted that Motome Chijiiwa be forced to go through with harakiri.”
“We’ll... make him commit harakiri.” (0:50)

Hanshirō tells Saitō, “I must call off my harakiri for now.”
Saitō: “It’s bad enough to march in here demanding a place to perform harakiri... You never intended to commit harakiri.”
Hanshirō: “I do not perform harakiri to atone for a crime or offense.”
Saitō: “You never intended to commit harakiri.”
Hanshirō: “Or if you feel harakiri is too good for me...” (0:52)

Hanshirō tells his son-in-law Motome, referring to a ronin, “One of them tried to commit harakiri at the Sengoku Clan’s gate.”
Motome: “Other ronin... began presenting themselves... insisting on committing harakiri...” (1:11)

Hanshirō: “Motome panicked.” (1:15)

Hanshirō's daughter Miho and Hanshirō receive Motome’s body. Retainers tell them, “... thus allowing him to fulfill his wish and perform harakiri.”
Another retainer: “We understand... all across Edo... ronin... threaten to commit harakiri unless given money.”
Hanshirō: “Motome killed himself with that bamboo blade?”Retainer: “The entire household witnessed the spectacle of harakiri performed with a bamboo blade.”
Miho and Hanshirō grieve. (1:26)

Hanshirō: “Miho wept.”
Referring to Miho's son: ”... Kingo died two days later. Three days after that, as if chasing after him, Miho died as well.”
”No matter how grinding his poverty and hunger, for a samurai to present himself in someone else’s entryway and declare that he wishes to commit harakiri there is an unspeakable act that can in no way be excused.”
Saitō, referring to Motome: ”But it was he who declared that he wished to commit harakiri... One might well accuse him of having gone mad.”
Hanshirō: ”Motome had indeed gone mad.”
Saitō: “Even if I say commit harakiri they surely won’t actually make me do it... If a man says he wants to commit harakiri, we will let him.”
Hanshirō: “And so Hanshirō Tsugumo too has come here with no intention of committing harakiri, but rather out of deep bitterness...” (1:31)

Hanshirō and Hikokuro wander through a cemetery. (1:52)

Saitō, referring to Hanshirō: “Maniac!” (1:58)

Hanshirō commits harakiri.
Saitō: “The ronin from Hiroshima, Hanshirō Tsugumo committed harakiri.”
”Former retainer of the Fukushima Clan, Hanshirō Tsugumo , committed harakiri honorably...”
Retainer: “Hikokuro Omodaka, last night at his home...” He gestures harakiri.
Saitō: “Why did you not order them to commit harakiri on the spot?... Of course, these two men... did not officially commit harakiri.” (2:06)

Saitō: “The Former retainer of the Fukushima Clan, Hanshirō Tsugumo, died by harakiri... Many of those present thought he showed signs of derangement... Furthermore... one Motome Chijiiwa, asked to commit harakiri in January of this year." (2:11)