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Hard Candy

CastPatrick Wilson, Elliot Page, Sandra Oh, Odessa Rae, G.J. Echternkamp
Year released2005
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Haylley Stark tells her Internet friend, photographer Jeff Kohlver, referring to Jean Seberg, "She’s this actress who slept with all the wrong people and ended up killing herself."
Jeff: ”That would be a little insane.”
”Keep teasing me like that, you’re gonna drive me crazy.”
Hayley: ”You said that it would be insane for me to come over, and four, four out of five doctors agree that I am actually insane...” (0:05)

Jeff tells Hayley, "Don’t worry about me."
Hayley: ”But I like worrying about you.”
Jeff: ”What’s in that insane mind of yours.”
Referring to models: ”They have the strength to believe they can do anything, no matter how crazy or... ” (0:15)

Hayley tells Jeff, who appears intoxicated, "No Valley of the Dolls stuff at all."
”I’m sorry you were drugged for so long...”
Jeff: ”You’ve been stalking me?”
Hayley: ”You have been stalking me.”
Jeff: ”... you drugged me.”
Hayley: ”You were drugged all right, and the drug was sweet little 14-year-old flesh.”
”You’re not an idiot, Jeff.”
”The pedophiles.”
Jeff: ”... but I am not a pedophile.” (0:21)

Hayley asks Jeff, "I mean, what kind of pedophile are you? Just a voyeur?"
Jeff: ”Again, not a pedophile.”
Hayley: ”So, a voyeur and a conservationist.”
Jeff: ”I’m not a voyeur.”
Hayley: ”Not just a voyeur.”
Hayley: ”Sometimes you like to kick it up a notch to molestation.”
Jeff: ”I am not a molester.”
Hayley: ”Sometimes you molest someone, and they fight back...” (0:31)

Hayley: "Does this worry you, Jeff?"
Jeff: ”Aren’t mommy and daddy gonna worry if you're not home before dinner?” (0:39)

Hayley: "A cute pedophile pleads guilty... He has an addiction."
”... therapy, drugs, group discussions...”
”You know I read the psych profile about the person who took Donna Mauer.”
”... the way you let me get drunk...” (0:48)

Hayley reads from Jeff’s computer, "... I don’t want to go crazy over him... Is this insane? Am I insane?... I tried to make it sound as innocent and moronic as possible..."
”You are speaking to me so selflessly...”
Jeff: ”So you and your mom are both whacked.” (0:51)

Jeff tells Hayley, "I’ll pay for a therapist."
Hayley: ”Thanks, but if I ever see a shrink, I want to make my case really, really interesting for them.”
”... if I forget anything, just don’t panic...”
Referring to Jeff’s Aunt Denise: ”She wasn’t very sympathetic the last time...” (1:03)

Hayley tells Jeff, "And don’t worry..." (1:15)

Hayley types in Jeff’s computer, "Tried to shoot myself." (1:21)

Jeff tells Hayley, "You’re insane."
Hayley: ”Maybe I should ask my therapist.” (1:23)

Hayley tells Jeff, "You step off that chair, you end it all... No one will ever know why you killed yourself."
”I mean, they find a pedophile killer all gift-wrapped for them.” (1:28)

Jeff screams: "You want to drive a man... crazy., then go ahead until you go out of your... mind" (1:32)

Hayey tells Jeff, "It’s not me you have to worry about."
Jeff: ”What, unless I hang myself?”
Hayley: ”I’m every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.”
”Put on the noose and jump, and I’ll stop it.”
”You’ll wish you’d killed yourself when you had the chance.”
”Aaron told me you did it before he killed himself.”
”Don’t worry.”
Jeff steps over the edge of the roof with a noose around his neck. (1:34)

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