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Harold and Maude

Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles, Cyril Cusack
Sigmund Freud
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Harold pretends to hang himself. (0:03)

Harold’s mother finds him covered with blood in his bathroom having pretended to bleed himself to death. (0:07)

Harold, in session with a psychoanalyst: “I go to funerals.” (0:07)

Harold attends a burial in a cemetery (0:09)

His mother: “Really, Harold, it is time you... stopped flitting away your talents on these little amateur theatrics... no matter how psychologically purging they may be.” (0:11)

Harold pretends to have drowned himself. (0:13)

Psychoanalyst: “Tell me, Harold, how many of these suicides have you performed?” (0:14)

Harold and Maude attend a funeral service.
Maude tells Harold, “I’ll never understand this mania for black.” (0:15)

Pall bearers bring the casket to the hearse. (0:17)

Harold points a revolver at his head and pretends to shoot himself. (0:20)

Funeral procession entering a cemetery
Harold and Maude attend the burial. (0:21)

Harold lies on the psychoanalyst’s couch.
Psychoanalyst: “I find you a very interesting case, Harold, but this reluctance on your part is detrimental to the psychoanalytical process.” (0:27)

Harold fakes self-immolation. (0:29)

Maude tells Harold, referring to the sculptor, “... poor Glaucus needs his memory refreshed...” (0:31)

Harold and Maude in what appears to be a military cemetery (0:38)

Harold smokes a hookah. (0:54)

Harold pretends to chop off his hand with a meat cleaver. (1:00)

Harold tells his uncle, U.S. Army Gen. Victor Ball, “During wartime the national suicide rate goes down.” (1:02)

Harold calls Maude “Crazy parasite.” (1:05)

Harold tells actress Sunshine, “It’s a hara-kiri blade.”
Sunshine: “What’s hara-kiri?”
Harold pretends to commit seppuku.
Sunshine acts out Juliet’s suicide. (1:13)

Psychoanalyst, in front of portrait of Sigmund Freud: “A very common neurosis, particularly in this society, whereby the male child subconsciously wishes to sleep with his mother.” (1:21)

Harold drives past the military cemetery. (1:27)

Harold grieves when her doctor tells him that Maude has apparently died. (1:28)