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Harsh Times

Christian Bale, Freddy Rodriguez, Eva Longoria, Chaka Forman, Tammy Trull, J.K. Simmons, Michael Monks, Samantha Esteban, Tania Verafield, Noel Gugliemi
Drug Enforcement Administration | cocaine | marijuana | tetrahydrocannabinol
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Army veteran Jim Davis appears to awaken from a nightmare in which he re experiences combat trauma. (0:03)

Jim’s girlfriend Marta asks Jim, "Bad dreams?"
Jim: ”Yeah, real trippy shit. Bad habit laying around with your eyes closed.”
Marta: ”If I could dream your bad dreams for you, I would.” (0:04)

Lawyer Sylvia Alonzo tells Jim, "I have two filings and a deposition today"
Jim answers Sylvia’s husband Mike, ”... it was a dream, man.”
Mike: ”... caught a buzz...” (0:07)

Mike tells Jim, "I mean you’re trippin’, dude."
Jim: ”I could be crackin’ heads up at the honor ranch.”
Mike: ”Quit trippin’, dude.” (0:12)

Jim tells Mike, "I need to feel some reefer madness."
Mike: ”You wanna score some bud, dude?”
”Want to get a dime?”
Jim: ”Go for the stash, man.”
Mike, referring to a bag of marijuana: ”It’s not laced either.” (0:15)

Mike smokes marijuana, shares it with Jim. (0:17)

Fight with blows to the head (0:23)

Mike tells Jime, "I wanna get home before the little woman and sober up."
”I can’t get f****d behind Sylvia’s back...”
Jim: ”I got to take a piss test.”
Mike: ”... do they piss test for weed?”
Jim: ”... one dope molecule, and I’m done...”
Mike: ”Don’t... trip, dude.” (0:28)

Jim tells Sylvia, "Well, I got a urinalysis today..."
Sylvia: ”... good luck on your pee test...”
Jim tells Mike, referring to Sylvia, ”She was in a good mood.” (0:32)

Mike tells Jim, "Aw, kick back, stress case." (0:38)

His friend Darrell shares a joint with Jim and Mike.
Jim: ”It’s my dream, dude.”
Darrell: ”Bring the heat to these... trippin’ around here.”
”Don’t worry about it.” (0:40)

Jim tells MIke, "That shit could have been over... drugs..."
Mike: ”I’m... traumatized...” (0:48)

Sylvia tells Mike, "You look wasted."
”I wish I could hang out and get wasted...”
”You know, I bet you’re doing lines again.”
Mike: ”I’m not... doing lines...” (0:49)

Mike tells Jim, "I had some twisted-ass dreams about that dude being killed."
Jim answers Mike: ”Psychological tests.”
Mike: ”... you’re a frickin’ psycho, dude.”
Jim: ”They use the Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory.” (0:53)

Agent Richards tells Jiim, referring to LAPD, "... they ran your... psych..."
”They dropped you on psych, Jim.” (0:55)

His friend Joe tells Mike, "... You’re gonna trip, man..." (0:56)

Jim tells Mike, "Going back tomorrow for a polygraph test..."
Mike: ”How you gonna pass a lie detector test?” (0:57)

Jim undergoes polygraph testing.
Tester: ”Have you ever smoked marijuana?”
”Son, I’ve been doing polygraph examinations since you were swimming in your daddy’s balls.” (0:58)

Richards tells Jim, "You’ve cleared the psych and physical hurdles... you scored a negative five on the polygraph... We detected THC metabolites in the urine, Jim."
Agent Hollenbreck: ”Do you have a drug problem, Mr. Davis?”
Jim: ”I don’t have a drug problem, sir.”
”... someone offered me a joint.”
Agent Doug Gellespie: ”You know, we’re beefing up our anti-narcotics programs in Latin America.”
Jim: ”Sir, I listed Los Angeles and San Diego on my dream sheet.”
”This is the career I’ve dreamed of.” (1:00)

Their friend Toussant tells Mike and Jim, "Hey, I missed you crazy..., man."
”Craziest head I know is gonna be a fed.” (1:09)

Sylvia tells Mike, "You’re drunk."
Mike: ”A dream job?”
Sylvia: ”Yeah, a dream job.”
Mike: ”Well, why shouldn’t your dream guy have a dream job?” (1:11)

Sylvia tells Jim, "You’re... nuts. You’re crazy and you’re dangerous, and my biggest nightmare is you with a... badge." (1:15)

Jim tells Mike, "... don’t worry..."
Mike: ”I got some bud.” (1:16)

Mike: "... they got that good... weed from here... pick some of that really good weed." (1:19)

Jim tells the others, "I figured the crazy broad pulled out some hairs..."
Mike asks Jim, ”Busting up drug labs and drug lords and all that shit?” (1:20)

Jim tells Marta, "I’m going crazy."
”Didn’t you take your... injections?”
”You’re... nuts.” (1:29)

Toussant tells a woman, referring to Jim, "He’s... crazy, man."
Toussant asks Jim, ”Hey, what the... is your problem, psycho?” (1:33)

Mike tells Jim, "Slow down, you crazy mother..." (1:34)

Toussant tells Jim, "You need psychiatric help, man." (1:35)

Jim tells Mike, "I had a panic attack..."
”... let’s go drop off that bud.”
Mike: ”What bud?”
”Of weed?”
”Dude, we’re drunk, and we got a trunk full of... weed, dude...”
JIm: ”I was trippin’.” (1:36)

Drug dealer Casper tells Jim, "Don’t trip." (1:43)

Mike tells Jim, "Don’t trip. Don’t trip, dog."
Jim: ”No medical treatment.”
Mike: ”You’re crazy.” (1:45)

Mike reacts to Jim’s death. (1:49)