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Having You

Anna Friel, Romola Garai, Andrew Buchan, Philip Davis, Isaac Andrews, Steven Cree, Harry Hadden-Paton, Hattie Morahan
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Jack tells Camilla, "I mean, if anyone ever described me as sweet I'd probably have to kill myself."
Jack mimics a pistol barrel in his mouth with his hand. (0:04)

Psychic Anna tells Jack, "It was Primal Scream." (0:17)

Jack's business partner Paul tells Jack, "Trying to flush the system of all that detox bullshit..." (0:26)

Jack tells his biological son Phoenix, "There was a time when I stole a bottle of my dad's whiskey and drank about half of it. Had to go to the hospital and get my stomach pumped. Nearly died." (0:34)

His father Peter tells Jack, "You're an alcoholic."
Jack: "I've been sober for seven years." (0:39)

Jack tells Phoenix's mom Anna, "Picked up all kinds of stuff along the way, when I wasn't smoking and getting pissed around the back." (0:42)

Camilla tells Jack, referring to Dr. Matthew, "He did say... not too much... stress..."(0:50)

Barry documentary a couple weeks ago about an autistic kid that learned Mandarin in two months." (0:55)

Jack tells Paul, "You're meant to be my sponsor."
Paul: "I can tell you what the steps are and how to apply them." (0:56)

Jack tells Anna, "I just had to clean myself up. Just gone to a few meetings... So I fell back into drinking..." (1:05)

Paul tells Jack, referring to Camilla, "You're the one who got sober, not her." (1:22)

Phoenix and Jack walk through the graveyard together. Jack leaves flowers at Anna's grave. (1:33)