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Julie Andrews, Max von Sydow, Richard Harris
Richard Harris
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Rev. Thorn tells his sister Abigail and his brother-in-law Charles, referring to their daughter Jerusha, "My dear sister, the fact is you have a daughter who is 22 and she grows more confused and depressed each day."
Jerusha's mother Abigail replies: "... it's only since this Capt. Hoxworth that she's had these depressions."
Charles: "My dear the only thing I'm not willing to do is abandon my child to fits of depression and religious mania..." (0:09)

Jerusha learns in a letter that her sister died months ago. (1:43)

Ali'i Nui Malama dies, apparently of natural cause, but seemingly by her own wish. Suicide? Her husband and brother Kelolo handles his grief by smashing his teeth on a rock and poking his eye out with a stick. (1:59)

Whaling captain Rafer learns from Rev. Abner that Jerusha has died. (2:30)