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The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things

Asia Argento, Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Michael Pitt, Jeremy Sisto, Peter Fonda, Marilyn Manson, Kip Pardue, Jeremy Renner, Matt Schulze, Jimmy Bennett, Tim Armstrong, John Robinson
Sid Vicious | heroin | methamphetamine
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Jeremiah’s prostitute mother Sarah tells the sheriff’s deputy, referring to Jeremiah, “He’s just confused.” (0:08)

Sarah tells Jeremiah, “They took you away from me... social worker.”
”They sure didn’t do anything to stop the social workers when they came to take you away.” (0:11)

Sarah makes Jeremiah take a pill before taking one herself. She tells him, “You’re not tired anymore, huh.”
Jeremiah scratches at his face. Psychostimulant? (0:15)

Sarah tells a John, “I ain’t old and haggard enough to be a mama, except in front of social workers...” (0:18)

Sarah discovers Jeremiah urinated in his sleep. (0:20)

Sarah watches as Luther beats Jeremiah with a leather belt. (0:21)

Sarah’s t-shirt: “SID LIVES” (0:23)

Sarah and her John huff an unidentified inhalant. (0:24)

Sarah and Emerson leave Jeremiah alone in Emerson’s apartment. (0:26)

Emerson rapes Jeremiah. (0:31)

Jeremiah in session with psychologist. (0:32)

A social worker tells Jeremiah, “Your grandma’s here. She’s obtained custody.” (0:35)

Sarah’s brother Aaron tells Jeremiah, “You’re an idiot.” (0:38)

Aaron’s religious cult leader father physically abuses him. (0:45)

Jeremiah finds Sarah in Kenny’s truck with a tourniquet still around her arm, a syringe nearby. Did she inject heroin? (0:52)

Sarah makes up and dresses Jeremiah to look like a girl. (1:05)

Her boyfriend Chester tells Sarah, “That was... crystal.“
Jeremiah: “... crystal.” (1:11)

Jeremiah finds a meth lab in the basement. (1:12)

Apparently suffering from paranoia, Sarah hallucinates. (1:19)

Jeremiah’s grandmother tells a nurse, referring to Sarah, “... and she’s in the mental ward, same hospital, half crazed.” (1:28)