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The Heat

CastSandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demián Bichir, Marlon Wayans, Michael Rapaport, Jane Curtin, Spoken Reasons, Dan Bakkedahl, Taran Killam, Michael McDonald, Thomas F. Wilson
Year released2013
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FBI Agent Ashburn finds a plastic bag of marijuana. “You know they loved these houses during the prohibition era. You guys know what prohibition is, don’t you?” (0:02)

Ashburn tells agent Hale, “I’m confused.” (0:06)

A John tells police detective Mullins, “Okay, I don’t want any drugs.”

”It’s a good thing I didn’t get the drugs from you.”
Mullins: “That would have been crazy.”
”I got nervous...”
Mullins tells the John’s wife Bella by telephone: ”You gotta go with your instincts, Bella.” (0:08)

Pimp Rojas, smoking a joint, asks Mullins, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”
The John: “She’s crazy!”
”You are a meth head!” (0:11)

FBI agent Levy tells Ashburn, referring to Rojas, “Low end dealer just brought in to the east Boston precinct.” (0:14)

Ashburn tells police captain Woods, “We got intel recently that you brought in a dealer by the name of Terrell Rojas.” (0:15)

Ashburn tells Rojas, “You are looking at... a Class D drug charge...”
Rojas: “I had a joint and a few little bags of coke.” (0:16)

Ashburn tells Mullins, “Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.” (0:20)

Ashburn tells Mullins, “You are so concerned about taking down a guy like Rojas... when I could have stopped a drug lord who is far more dangerous...”
Mullins tells a woman, “You got burned you big drunk Paddy.” (0:23)

Her convict brother Jason asks Mullins, “What’re you gonna storm through Boston and take down a drug lord?” (0:25)

Ashburn tells Mullins, “But from then I’m going to, uh, perform instant personality assessments based on the Myers-Briggs theory, Thematic Apperception Tests and a few others...” (0:29)

Mullins tells Tatiana, “We both know you’ve been blowing shit up your nose all day... have a little smack... I’d get a big bowl of... coke... cut it with a little Ritalin...”
”What is this your drug mule?”
”Do you have balloons of horse up your ass?” (0:31)

Sign on wall in FBI office: “Dealer”
Levy: “First one’s a real nut job.”
Mullins: “It was a drug house.”
Levy, referring to a suspect: “Got tons of ties to the drug world...” (0:35)

Nightclub owner LeSoire, referring to Mullins: “Drunk bitch.” (0:46)

Mullins tells Ashburn, referring to Jason, “He started using that shit...”
Ashburn: “You know, ironically, a lot of people become addicted when they’re in prison... require treatment.” (0:51)

Mullins’ brother Mark: “No health insurance.”
Mrs. Mullins: “How about keeps him from killing himself?” (0:55)

Jason tells Mullins, “They’re... maniacs.” (0:58)

Pete’s girlfriend Gina asks Ashburn: “Special like retarded?”
”But I have a very high IQ.” (0:59)

Mullins asks Ashburn, “What is that, coke?” (1:00)

Julian tells Mullins, “You know you look like one of the Campbell Soup kids who grew up and became an alcoholic.”
Ashburn tells Mullins, ”Just please, don’t do anything crazy.”
Mullins: ”I won’t do anything crazy. What am I gonna do that’s crazy?”
Ashburn: “You said nothing crazy...”
Mullins: “I need you to pass a polygraph.” (1:05)

DEA agent Craig asks Mullins and Ashburn, “What are you out of your...minds?” (1:06)

Mullins tells Ashburn, “No, but it’d be like Schindler’s List.” (1:18)

Ashburn asks Mullins, “So if it was just some random drug dealer, you wouldn’t send him back in?”
”Nobody forced your brother to get involved with drugs.” (1:20)

Ashburn tells Hale, “We found a joint in that girl’s purse.” (1:25)

Ashburn tells the other agents, “If that’s what mental instability looks like, sign me up for the crazy house.” (1:30)

Ashburn tells a thug, “Drop the gun and take a grammar course you idiot.” (1:31)

Ashburn reveals a stash of drugs. (1:31)

Mullins asks a thug, “Where’s your stash?” (1:32)

Rojas asks Mullins, “Know what I hate? Drugs.”
Ashburn finds drugs in the freezer. (1:32)

Ashburn tells Mullins, “Cartels been smuggling cocaine in baby formula for years.” (1:35)

Mullins tells Ashburn, “That’s too... crazy.”
”I’m not... crazy.” (1:45)

By telephone Ashburn tells Mullins, “It’s crazy, ‘cause your dad sent me something too...” (1:49)

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