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Heat (1995)

Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, Jon Voight,Tom Sizemore, Diane Venora, Amy Brenneman, Ashley Judd, Mykelti Williamson, Wes Studi, Ted Levine, Hank Azaria, Natalie Portman, William Fichtner, Tom Noonan
marijuana | methamphetamine | morphine | Prozac | fluoxetine
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Fence Nate tells professional criminal Neil, referring to money launderer Van Zant, “Runs investment portfolios for offshore drug money...” (0:14)

His wife Charlene tells gangster Chris, “It means we’re not making forward progress... because I’m married to a gambling junkie who won’t listen.” (0:22)

His wife Justine tells police detective Vincent, “Every time I try to maintain a consistent mood between us, you withdraw.” (0:24)

Parolee Albert asks Vincent, “You crazy?”
Detective Drucker: “You’re a speed freak, jacking methamphetamine again.”
Albert: “Where is your empathy, brother? It’s a substance abuse problem.”
Vincent: “Empathy was yesterday.” (0:32)

Chef Solenko tells parolee short order cook Don, “Give me a hard time, and I will report you loaded, drunk or stealing...” (0:41)

His fiance Elaine tells gangster Michael, “You are insane.” (0:53)

Justine tells Vincent, “That’s what’s so wonderful about you in that bestial sort of way.” (0:58)

Vincent comforts a mother overcome with grief after realizing her daughter has been killed. (1:00)

Vincent tells Justine, “I walked into this house where this junkie asshole just... we’ll somehow, uh, cathartically dispel all that heinous shit.” (1:02)

Nate tells Neil, referring to Vincent, “Blew away Frankie Yonder in Chicago, and he was a... maniac. He was working narcotics before that.” (1:22)

Dr. Bob tells Neil, “I’m gonna give you quarter-grain vials of morphine for the pain.” (1:54)

Justine tells Vincent, “I may be stoned on grass and Prozac...” (2:11)

Vincent finds his step-daughter unresponsive and bleeding in a tub full of bloody water. At the emergency room a nurse asks, “Is she on any drugs.?” Suicide attempt?
Justine asks Vincent, ”Why’d she do this to herself?” (2:22)