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Heaven Can Wait

Gene Tierney, Don Ameche, Charles Coburn, Marjorie Main, Laird Cregar, Spring Byington, Allyn Joslyn, Eugene Pallette, Signe Hasso, Louis Calhern, Helene Reynolds, Aubrey Mather, Tod Andrews
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Henry tells the devil, “I have no illusions.”
The devil tell Henry, “Those things are better left to memory.” (0:04)

Henry, narrating: “I was not even two and I already got involved in a triangle.” (0:07)

Henry’s mother Bertha tells his father, “Randolph, he’s talking all the time as if he were in a delirium.”
”Oh Randolph, our boy, delirious in a foreign language.” (0:17)

Randolph tells Henry’s grandfather Hugo, “Father, I wouldn’t presume to make a diagnosis.”
”It breaks my heart, but I’ll have to shatter your childhood illusions.”
Randolph: ”Henry, intoxicated?” (0:20)

His cousin Albert’s fiance Martha tells Henry, “It’s mad.” (0:40)

Martha tells Henry, “You’re mad... You must be out of your mind.” (0:45)

Albert tells the others, “... thank you for your efforts to comfort me in my bereavement...” (0:47)

Henry tells Martha, “Here I am looking all over the world for my wife, going insane with despair...” (1:08)

Martha tells Henry and Hugo, “I’m still too confused.” (1:14)

Telegram addressed to Henry from Dr. Shramps: “You are forty-five today and this need not depress you...” (1:16)

Henry tells Martha, “I have no illusions about myself.”
Henry tells his son Jack, “You look a little depressed.”
Jack, referring to a girl he met: ”Oh, you’ll be crazy about her.” (1:25)

Martha tells Henry, “... whenever I wasn’t with you I was always a little uncertain and nervous about my little Casanova...” (1:30)

Henry asks secretary Miss Ralston, referring to Jack, “Is he in a bad mood?” (1:39)

Henry: “Jack, my future looks pretty depressing.” (1:43)