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Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, James Mason, Jack Warden, Dyan Cannon, Charles Grodin, Buck Henry, Vincent Gardenia, Hamilton Camp, Arthur Malet, Stephanie Faracy
propoxyphene | Darvon
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The coach asks trainer Max, referring to football player Joe Pendleton,“Is he still on cortisone, Darvon, Xylocaine any kind of painkiller?” (0:03)

Joe and his escort wander through a cemetery. (0:14)

Angel Mr. Jordan tells Joe, referring to “He’s been drugged by those two downstairs.” (0:18)

Julia tells secretary Tony, referring to her husband, Tony’s employer, Leo, “He was a lecherous sadistic son-of-a-bitch.” (0:18)

Tony tells schoolteacher Betty and Joe (now Leo), referring to Julia, “... she relives it.” (0:27)

Julia tells Tony, referring to Leo, “You don’t think he’s gonna forget about being drugged, do you?”
”It’s like those idiot costumes of his.” (0:32)

Tony tells Julia, referring to Leo, “If he weren’t going to be dead soon, he would need years of psychiatric help.” (0:43)

Julia tells Tony, “You idiot. You idiot!” (0:51)

Max tells Leo, “Look, Mr. Farnsworth, no team wants a crazy trainer, and only a crazy trainer would arrange a tryout for you as quarterback.”
Referring to Farnsworth: ”They drugged him...” (0:54)

Leo tells Max, “Don’t get crazy on me.” (1:00)

Football player referring to Leo, “... one crazy son of a bitch...” (1:02)

Leo tells Betty, “It’s crazy, huh?”
”No, it doesn’t sound crazy.” (1:12)

Leo tells Betty, “I’m just memorizing your face. I want to memorize everything about you.”
”I’m just acting crazy.” (1:14)

The team owner tells the coach, “This is the craziest nut I’ve ever had to deal with.” (1:18)

Max asks police detective Lt. Krim, “Are you crazy?”
Max asks Julia, ”Did you drug him and stick him in the bathtub like you did before” (1:23)

Sportscaster: “Jarrett’s sending this crowd into delirium.” (1:26)

Mr. Jordan tells Joe, (now Tom Jarrett), “... when I’ve gone, you won’t remember me. You’ll be Thomas Jarrett with no memory of Leo Farnsworth or anything that’s happened.”
Joe: “What do you mean I won’t remember?” (1:29)

Tom tells Max, “I’m the guy that got hit in the head.”
Referring to champagne: ”You just keep swallowing it ‘cause it doesn’t taste like anything, and all of a sudden you’re drunk.” (1:32)