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A Heavenly Vintage

Jérémie Renier, Gaspard Ulliel, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Vera Farmiga, Vania Vilers, Eric Godon, Patrice Valota, Lizzie Brocheré, Jean-Louis Sbille
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Vintner Sobran's father warns him about his future wife Celeste, "Her father was mad as a dog." (0:03)

The Angel tells Sobran, "No, not a faint... You are drunk."
"Her father was mad." (0:06)

Sobran tells the Angel, "My father died in these vines." (0:25)

Grief over loss of Sobran's child Nicolette. (0:38)

Baroness Aurora tells ailing Comte de Vully, referring to the priest whom she says diagnoses "hysterical women." (0:49)

Aurora grieves at the funeral for Comte de Vully. (0:51)

Sobran, distraught, beats his head against a rock. (1:07)

Nicolette's mother Celeste visits her daughter's grave. (1:39)