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Ben Stiller, Aaron Schwartz, Tom McGowan, Shaun Weiss, Jeffrey Tambor, Allen Covert, David Goldman, Tom Hodges, Leah Lail, Paul Feig, Joseph Wayne Miller, Cody Burger, Nancy Ringham, Tim Blake Nelson, Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara
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Young Gerald "Gerry" Garner tells his parents, "It’s a fat camp. Are you crazy?" (0:05)

Camper Roy Murphy tells counselor Patrick “Pat” Finley, "I panicked." (0:11)

New camp owner Tony Perkis, Jr. tells the campers, "I had bad skin, low self-esteem and no self-respect.” (0:19)

Perkis on PA system: "Do you think I’m crazy? I’m not crazy." (0:22)

Peris on PA: "Tonight’s lecture is liposuction: option or obsession?" (0:)

A camper yells, "Crazy!" (0:35)

One girl camper asks another, "Why don’t you tell ‘em how to throw up after meals like you do?" (0:37)

Jerry asks camper Josh, ”Were you in jail, the nuthouse?”
Another camper tells Josh, "I liked you better with the lobotomy." (0:45)

Pat tells Gerry, referring to Perkis, "Being humiliated today by that psycho was pretty cool." (0:58)

Videographer Kenny Parry tells the others, referring to Perkis, "That moron owes me $600." (1:01)

Camp nurse Julie Belcher tells Gerry, "We’ve been so worried about you." (1:06)

Pat: "This is insane."
Camper Roy, referring to Perkis: ”He snapped.” (1:07)

Pat tells the campers, "We’ve also learn some self-control." (1:13)

Perkis’ father: "You don’t see me freaking out like a little baby... Don’t freak out." (1:22)

Announcer: "This relay will consist of three parts: the obstacle course, the Hall of Intelligence and the grand prix." (1:24)

Announcer: "... as they move into the Hall of Intelligence"
Sign: “Hall of Intelligence” (1:26)

A counselor from MVP Camp tells Pat: "You’re crazy."
Pat: ”You bet I’m crazy.” (1:32)