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Hector and the Search for Happiness

CastSimon Pegg, Toni Collette, Rosamund Pike, Stellan Skarsgård, Jean Reno, Veronica Ferres, Barry Atsma, Christopher Plummer
Year released2014
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Narrator: “Once upon a time there was a young psychiatrist called Hector, who had a very satisfactory life." (0:03)

Books on Hector’s shelf: Sigmund Freud: “Methods” and C.G. Jung: “Analysis Notes.” (0:04)

Narrator: “Hector had a great deal of patience for his patients...”
“And like all the best psychiatrists, he knew how to answer a question with a question.” (0:04)

Hector: “Roger, have you taken your meds?” (0:05)

Her boss, referring to Hector’s girlfriend: “And if that wasn’t enough, within six days, our Clara discovers the name for a companion drug...”
Clara: “It’s been five years since we launched Tranquiline.” (0:06)

Hector tells a woman partier, “I’m a psychiatrist.”
Woman: “Psychiatrist?” (0:07)

Psychotherapy session. Hector tells patient psychic Anjali, “You know, just be careful that when you have these visions. Hallucinations. That the ego might just be shaping them to its own needs. Let’s try the medication for another week, shall we?” (0:10)

Hector tells a colleague, “Actually, Ben, it’s my other patients.” (0:12)

Psychotherapy session with Anjali. Hector tells her, “Stop projecting. I am not the patient here, Anjali.”
More sessions. (0:13)

Clara tells Hector, “Erectile dysfunction.”
Hector: “I’m not making my patients any happier.” (0:18)

Clara, helping Hector pack: “Passport, Imodium, antihistamine...” (0:20)

Hector tells banker Edward, “I’m a psychiatrist.” (0:25)

Edward tells Hector, “Yeah, or addicted, divorced or dead.” (0:28)

Hector tells a Tibetan monk, “I’m a psychiatrist.” (0:42)

Hector tells a fellow passenger, “From this point forward I swear I will be nicer to my patients who are afraid to fly.”
”I’m a psychiatrist, yeah.” (0:48)

Hector tells drug lord Diego, ”I’m a psychiatrist.”
Diego, referring to his wife, “She sees a shrink.”
Hector: “Maybe if you were to show me the prescription I could help.” (0:53)

Hector tells Diego, referring to Diego’s wife’s prescriptions, “Well, I don’t know these dosages, and these two clash... I think she’s been overmedicated.” (0:56)

Hector tells his physician friend Michael, “I sometimes feel like psychiatry comes with affluence. You know, the richer the city, the more psychiatrists there are per square mile.” (1:00)

Hector tells his kidnappers, “I’m a psychiatrist.” (1:05)

Hector: “Once upon a time, there was a psychiatrist called Hector...” (1:07)

Hector tells the kidnappers, “I’m trying to find the means by which to make my patients happy.”
“That’s very insightful.” (1:11)

By telephone Hector tells Clara, referring to Agnes, “She’s a psychologist...”
Hector: “Well at least I don’t make a living making up meaningless, manipulative names for seriously dodgy drugs.” (1:27)

Agnes tells Hector, “No, because Hector would throw up, and then faint... You really are some kind of weird psychiatrist...” (1:32)

Professor Coreman lectures, “In fact it’s only when we are otherwise engaged... that we experience happiness as a byproduct, a side effect.” (1:35)

Hector wears what appears to be an electroencephalogram helmet. (1:37)

By telephone Hector tells Clara, “I’m sorry I didn’t give you any explanation for this insane journey...” (1:40)

Narrator: “Once upon a time there was a young psychiatrist called Hector...”
”He listened to his patients with real patience.”
”Now then, Anjali, beware the ego’s needs for shaping hallucinations.”
Anjali: ”Looks like somebody’s ego shaped a beautiful naked Chinese girl.” (1:45)

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