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The Hedgehog

Josiane Balasko, Garance Le Guillermic, Togo Igawa, Anne Brochet, Ariane Ascaride, Wladimir Yordanoff, Sarah Lepicard, Jean-Luc Porraz, Gisèle Casadesus, Mona Heftre
Sigmund Freud
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Young Paloma tells us, "At the end of the school, the day I turn 12... I'll kill myself... Planning to die doesn't mean I'll let myself go like a rotten vegetable." (0:02)

Paloma tells us her mother Solange has "close ties, for a decade now, to psychoanalysis..."
"anxiolytics, anti-depressants and champagne." (0:05)

Paloma introduces her sister Colombe, "Archetype of the fish in the bowl theory." (0:12)

Paloma's mother Solange tells her guest, "For me, mutes didn't get their allocation of words."
"I started therapy ten years ago and it has changed my life. Are you in therapy too?"
"My father's death triggered it."
"Do you know what my therapist said? 'Madam, a Freudian would call it a death dream.'" (0:14)

Paloma collects pills for her overdose. (0:20)

Paloma mimics her mother's statement: "a Freudian would call it a death dream." (0:27)

Superintendant Renée tells her friend Manuela she will try on clothes in a shop "while some anorexic girl looks on? No, never!" (0:36)

Paloma: "I take a pill a week from Mom's box. An excess of anxiolytic's can be fatal... But a sudden dose of toxic products... Other studies claim that there is no fatal dose..." (0:37)

Paloma tells us, referring to young playmate Yoko, "After three detox cures... will end up... alcoholic, a billionaire and depressive... I want to die." (0:41)

Paloma, climbing onto the window railing: "Some people jump to their deaths."
"After all, you want to die to end the suffering."
Solange: "He's a psychoanalyst."
Paloma: "Only psychoanalysis rivals religion for love of suffering."
She tells her father Paul, referring to Solange, "She wants to break out the champagne to celebrate 10 years in therapy."
"She forgets she's been on anti-depressants for ten years too. But she doesn't see... the link between ten years of therapy, her obsessive love of plants, and her impressive consumption of prescription drugs." (0:46)

Paloma acts out seppuku. (0:48)

Paloma's sister Colombe, after learning the fate of goldfish Hubert, tells her, "You're an intolerant and depressive little person..." (0:55)

Renée helps a disoriented elderly reisdent: "Mrs. de Broglie, this is the first floor. Your apartment is on the third floor." (1:05)

Paloma places pills in a piece of cloth and crushes them. (1:18)

A car kills Renée. (1:27)

Paloma learns from Kakuro that Renée has been killed. (1:28)

Paloma, an extraordinarily intelligent and talented young girl neglected by the rest of her self-involved family, appears to be the voice of existential despair and ennui, and criticism of psychoanalysis and psychopharmacotherapy. Who does Paloma hope will view her video recordings after her suicide? Has Solange's ten years of psychoanalysis helped her, let alone her family?