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Ashley Judd, Lauren Lee Smith, Goran Visnjic, Alexia Fast, Alberta Watson, David Nykl, David Hewlett, Leah Cairns, Ali Liebert
Ashley Judd | diazepam | Valium | lorazepam | Ativan
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Lawyer David asks his college music professor wife Helen, “If I shoot those guys out there and plead temporary insanity, would you corroborate my story, Hugh?” (0:05)

David tells Helen, “You’re crazy.” (0:07)

A doctor tells David, referring to Helen, “It seems the problem is psychiatric.”
”There’s no physical cause for her symptoms.” (0:29)

Neurologist Dr. Barnes asks Helen, “Do you suffer from insomnia or hypersomnia?”
”Have you been in a depressed mood almost all the time for more than two weeks.”

”Do you have a marked diminished interest in nearly every aspect of your life?”
”Has anyone ever prescribed you...?” (0:29)

Barnes tells David, “You should meet some of the clowns we have on suicide watch. I’m going to prescribe her an antidepressant and Ativan to control anxiety, but it’ll take at least two weeks before she feels a response to the antidepressants. Now, in some cases, the side effects can be quite uncomfortable, but they tend to subside after about two to four weeks.”
David: “What kind of side effects?” (0:32)

Helen takes medication offered by David.” (0:34)

Attorney Susanna asks David, “What, are you out of your mind?” (0:35)

David, hearing Helen sobbing, finds her on the floor in the kitchen rocking and holding a chef’s knife to her chest.” (0:36)

Tells David, “I will prescribe her a different medication, but as long as she refuses to be hospitalized...” (0:37)

Helen challenges her student Mathilda to name the “Top five ways of killing yourself.” (0:48)

Another lawyer asks David, “About your little junkie piece of ass?” (0:55)

Helen's student Mathilda tells David, “I, um, I’ve given her three Valiums.” (0:58)

Apparently reading a suicide note on her computer David rushes to Helen. (1:04)

Helen back in the psychiatric hospital. A nurse tells her, “You can’t leave. You’re on restriction.” (1:05)

Dr. Sherman tells Helen, “Your husband had you committed...” (1:06)

Dr. Sherman tells Helen, “I think you should consider ECT.”
Helen: “Shock treatment?”
Sherman: “... but ECT could help you, and the side effects are most likely to be temporary.” (1:09)

Male attorney: “You decided to take your own life, Mrs. Leonard. Isn’t that true?”
”But isn’t it also true that this was in fact the second time you tried to kill yourself?”
Sherman: “Mrs. Leonard suffers from severe suicidal depression. Without continued treatment and supervision there’s a serious risk she’ll attempt suicide again.”
Female attorney: “Has Mrs. Leonard indicated in any way that she plans on discontinuing her medication if she leaves here?”
Sherman: “She doesn’t believe the mediation is helping.”
”This isn’t just about the medication.”
Female attorney: “Dr. Sherman, has she indicated that she plans on discontinuing her medications?”
”Has Mrs. Leonard indicated that she plans on trying to take her life again if she leaves here?”
Judge: “I find that the state has not met their burden of proving with clear and convincing evidence that the patient is a danger to herself or to others.” (1:11)

David tells Helen, “This is insane.”
David tells Mathilda, “You’re... nuts.” (1:15)

Mathilda tells Helen, referring to Mathilda’s mother, “She was sick for as long as I can remember then one morning she got up, and she made me breakfast, and after she cleared the table and sent me to my room, she hung herself.” (1:21)

Helen, returning to the hospital: “No matter how long the journey or how deep the descent, in the end all it takes is one last step, one step, between me and madness, between pain and nothing.”
Staff apply electrodes to Helen’s forehead and administer electroconvulsive therapy. Additional treatments follow. (1:29)

Helen tells David, “I lost part of my memory, and I don’t know if it’s all ever going to come back. I’m still on medication, but that’s no guarantee that I won’t relapse.” (1:41)

Unable to find Mathilda on the roof, Helen realizes she has jumped to her death. (1:49)