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Hell Bound (1957)

John Russell, Stuart Whitman
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Narrator, referring to accomplice B: "He gives himself a shot, a deliberate overdose of insulin... diagnosis: insulin shock... gets the stuff to the boys on top, who cut it, push it, throw it on the open market." (0:05)

Paula tells the others, "Maybe it's just woman's intuition." (0:11)

Jordan: "Let's not be psychological, Paula."
Paula: ”Now who's getting psychological, Jordan?” (0:15)

Stanley tells Jordan, "You're crazy. I don't know who you are, but you're crazy."
Jordan: ”You got a good memory, Butcher Boy.” (0:31)

Stanley tells Daddy, "I kicked it."
Daddy: ”They got their bloodhounds roamin’ around, ready to give out one loud bark the minute they smell you going back on the stuff.” (0:35)

The doctor tells health officer Herbert Fay, Jr., "But you don't have those worries now." (0:40)

Ambulance driver Eddie Mason tells Paula, "Oh, don't worry."
Referring to ham sandwiches: ”They're beginning to give me a neurosis.”
”I don't want to settle for being one of the charmed boys... running a prescription palace.”
”This big worried speech I just made, I guess maybe I'm a little scared.” (0:41)

A man tells Fay, "A Mr. Natas of Western Pharmaceutical, is here to see you."
Jordan tells Fay, handing him vial, ”It's for you, compliments of Western Pharmaceutical.” (0:47)

Eddie tells Paula, "Just call me plain, crazy, old fashioned..." (0:51)

Stanley shows signs of opioid withdrawal. (0:58)

Fay tries to fill a syringe. (1:01)

Fay injects himself. (1:03)