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Hell's Angels

Ben Lyon, James Hall, Jean Harlow, John Darrow, Lucien Prival, Frank Clark, Roy Wilson, Douglas Gilmore
Howard Hughes
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Student Roy tells his student brother Monte, “We may be sporting but we’re not feeble-minded.” (0:06)

Monte: “Oh Roy, how do you spell ecstatic?” (0:19)

German crew jump to their deaths from an airship to lighten it so it can gain altitude in the hope of escaping British fighters. A British pilot deliberately flies his plane into the airship. Altruistic suicides? (0:56)

Pilot Monte asks the other pilots, “Are you mad?” (1:15)

Monte tells Roy, ”It’s like getting drunk.” (1:26)

A girl calls Monte, “Imbecile.”
Roy: “Say, you’re crazy Monte.” (1:27)

Roy tells Monte, “We’re a little drunk, and we’ve been talking wildly.” (1:30)

Monte dies in Roy’s arms. (2:07)