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Hempsters: Plant the Seed

CastWoody Harrelson, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ralph Nader, Julia Butterfly Hill, Gatewood Galbraith
Year released2003
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Steve Levine: "We're going to plant hemp." (0:00)

Actor Woody Harrelson talks about "confusion with marijuana"
Gatewood Galbraith asks, "Was marijuana a big problem back in 1937?" (0:04)

The narrator talks about "the 1937 marijuana tax act" while showing a "stamp" that reads "Producer of Marihuana." (0:05)

Crowds chant, "We smoke pot."
Galbraith refers to "medicinal marijuana." (0:08)

People smoking joints. (0:09)

Old videos of smoking. (0:13)

Narrator: "That's not just a bunch of stoned hippies talking." (0:15)

Farmer: "When tobacco's gone I'll be a-selling the farm..." (0:15)

Woody Harrelson: "Are we going to let the government's propaganda machine make us so paranoid about drugs..." (0:16)

Official Bob Weiner: "Hemp is a cute name for marijuana... drug use... stop kids from abusing drugs. And don't think that marijuana isn't dangerous..." (0:17)

Governor: "I work in drug and alcohol...cannot tell the difference between powdered sugar and cocaine..." (0:19)

Police Lt. Ed Moses: "and the driver of the car was stoned..."
Charlie from Iowa: "mix it with the higher grade THC... marijuana that's used for the THC that's contained in it." (0:26)

Native American Alex White Cloud: "They're saying that their controlled substance act trumps tribal sovereignty." (0:44)

Police officer: "It is our belief that fields growing hemp marijuana would certainly be used to camouflage high THC marijuana." (0:52)

Craig Lee: "Because now they're calling it a so-called, controlled substance. A cocaine dealer that brings in cocaine from south america, when he lands they seize it."
"... Eli Lilly owns the patent to Marinol which is the base from THC... we got to return our stuff. It's a controlled substance." (1:02)

Galbraith: "So that you would have to pee in a cup to hold a job in America." (1:16)

"This is not a drug." (1:22)

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