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In Her Shoes

Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, Shirley MacLaine, Mark Feuerstein, Ken Howard, Candice Azzara, Francine Beers, Norman Lloyd, Jerry Adler, Brooke Smith, Richard Burgi
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Lawyer Rose asks her unemployed sister Maggie, “How are the fashionable girls wearing their hair these days when they pick up their drunk sisters in the middle of the night?” (0:05)

Her step-mother Sydelle tells Maggie, “You’re drunk.”
Maggie: “My Marcia’s coming for brunch, to stuff her anorexic face.” (0:05)

Maggie asks Rose, “You do realize I’m drunk, don’t you?” (0:08)

Maggie stumbles attempting to read a teleprompter. (0:14)

Maggie tells Rose, “Some crazy bitch with a coupon.” (0:15)

Maggie asks Rose, “To work the graveyard shift serving pancakes to cops and whores and drunks?” (0:20)

Lawyer Jim tells Rose, “Things were kind of crazy around here.” (0:31)

Rose asks her father, “Crazy?” (0:45)

Maggie tells her grandmother Ella, “I just wonder, if you had tried harder... after he’d gotten over the whole shock and grief of it.” (0:54)

Ella tells her friend Mrs. Lefkowitz how her daughter killed herself. (0:56)

The retired professor asks Maggie, “What is it, dyslexia?”
”She’s getting grandiose.” (1:14)

Ella tells Maggie, referring to Maggie’s mother, “I thought she should have been on her medication all the time.” (1:23)

Sydelle: “She’s crazy. She’s crazy! She’s sick in the head!” (1:26)

Rose asks her lawyer fiance Simon, “Did you know more suicides happen during happy hour than any other time of day?” (1:27)

Rose tells Jim, “I’ve felt horrible about myself for my whole life...”
”If I tell my father. he’ll get all panicked...” (1:33)

Simon tells Rose, “Here I am, trying to be patient, trying to be understanding, while you lose your freaking mind.”
Rose: “I’m not losing my mind.” (1:35)

Rose tells her father, “Our mother was dead; our father was practically catatonic.”
Dad: “She wanted her... drugged.” (1:39)

Rose tells Maggie and Ella, referring to her dad, “He was really panicked...” (1:48)

Maggie asks Rose, “It was on purpose, wasn’t it?”
Rose: ”How do you tell a six year old her mom left by choice.” (1:49)

Maggie learns her professor died. (1:53)

Rose tells Simon, referring to Maggie, “You need to know this because if by some insane stroke of fate you do decide to marry me, she will make your life a living hell. You’ll be begging me to... commit her...” (1:56)

How many kinds of relationship triangles, some interlocking, does this film illustrate?