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High Anxiety

CastMel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman
Year released1977
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In an airport a man pretends to be a police officer then exposes himself to psychiatrist Richard. (0:04)

Chauffeur Brophy tells Richard, "Gee doc, I sure am glad you're taking over as the new head of the asylum."
Richard: "Let's not forget that you are working in a psychiatric institution which is conducive to fantasy." (0:07)

Sign: "The Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous"
Brophy yells into a microphone, "Brophy here with the new head shrink." (0:09)

Psychiatrist Wentworth greets Richard: "I've read everything that you've ever written on psychiatry..." (0:09)

Professor Lilloman quizzes Richard: "A patient comes to you, he is suffering from Belldon's hysteria. He has a seizure right in your office. What do you give him?"
Richard: "Two CCs of aqueous Thorazine and one CC of somadiozine."
"And now the head of the most prestigious psychiatric institute on the West Coast." (0:11)

Richard panics as he looks down from a great height. Acrophobia?
Professor: "High anxiety."
"High anxiety can be a very dangerous enemy."
"First thing tomorrow we have our first... psychoanalysis." (0:14)

Nurse Diesel tells Richard, referring to his predecessor, "He wanted to change the drapes in the psychotic game room."
"Dr. Ashley felt that color has a great deal to do with the well-being of the emotionally disturbed." (0:16)

Another psychiatist asks Richard, "Will you be attending the psychiatric convention in San Francisco next week?" (0:19)

Psychiatrist Charles and nurse Diesel engage in sadomasochistic bondage and discipline. Diesel: "You live for bondage and discipline!"
Charles: "Too much bondage. Not enough discipline."
Diesel: "You want discipline? I'll give you discipline." (0:22)

Charles tells Richard the case histories "hardly draw a true picture of the patient's psychosis." (0:24)

Patient Zachary tells Richard, "I was suffering from nervous exhaustion." (0:25)

Richard tells staff, referring to Zachary, "Give him a sedative." (0:27)

The professor has hypnotized Richard who lies on his couch: "The only way to overcome high anxiety is to fight it." (0:29)

The professor tells Charles, referring to Richard, "Well, I put him through hypnosis... we had been running a series of analytic sessions to help him overcome... high anxiety. "
Charles: "High anxiety?"
"One of the world's greatest psychiatric authorities is suffering from high anxiety?"
(from outside the door) "Guess who has high anxiety!" (0:30)

Charles tells Richard, referring to the patient's behavior: "He thinks he's a cocker spaniel..."
Richard: "It's the most complex psychic phenomenon I've ever witnessed."
"I think it was Otto Rank. Might have been Kraft-Ebbing." (0:34)

Diesel tells Richard, "It's important that you attend the psychiatric convention." (0:39)


Richard: "I really don't like high places." He displays signs of anxiety while riding the elevator. (0:42)

Victoria Brisbane tells Richard about her father's "nervous breakdown"
Richard: "Ms. Brisbane I assure you I am a competent psychiatrist." (0:50)

Flanked by portraits of Freud, Rank, Jung, Adler and Brothers Dr. Colburn introduces Richard: "Fellow members of the American Psychiatric Convention it is an honor to present the new head of The Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous... chemotherapy on severe psychosis."
Richard: "Fellow analysts, psychiatrists, psychologists... psychobiology... psychology was akin to witchcraft..." (0:51)

Dr. Colburn: "Dr. Thorndyke, you mentioned in your address that penis envy should be deemed an antiquated psychiatric concept."
Richard: "Let us remember that the term penis envy was created... in a world of predominantly male oriented psychology..."
"... perhaps the most significant psychological component..." (0:54)

Richard asks the piano player, "Do you know High Anxiety?" Richard sings the song. (0:58)

Richard tells Victoria, "The big bucks are in psychiatry." (1:01)

Richard tells policemen, "I'm a psychiatrist." (1:05)

Richard asks an airport inspector, "What do you think, we're smuggling dope in this celery?" (1:21)

The professor tells Richard, "The poor chap had a mental breakdown."
Richard: "Brophy is not smart enough to have a mental breakdown." (1:23)

Brophy tells Richard, "They drugged him. They'll throw him off and make it look like suicide." (1:24)

The professor tells Victoria, "He suffers from high anxiety." (1:25)

The professor tells Richard, "I know what has given you the high anxiety."
Richard: "It's not height I'm afraid of. It's parents." (1:27)

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