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High School Confidential!

Russ Tamblyn, Jan Sterling, John Drew Barrymore, Mamie Van Doren, Diane Jergens, Ray Anthony, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jackie Coogan, Charles Chaplin, Lyle Talbot, William A. Wellman, Michael Landon
William Burroughs | amphetamine | Benzedrine | heroin | heroin-cocaine | marijuana | tobacco
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Student Tony tells principal Mr. Robinson’s assistant Miss Dodge, “Now watch out. That weed might be too strong for you.” (0:05)

Police Commissioner Burroughs (Reference to William S. Burroughs?) holds a marijuana cigarette next to a tobacco cigarette: “Now you can see the difference between a real cigarette and marijuana... In most of the reefers a double thickness of paper is used. Now in the language the addicts use among themselves, marijuana is referred to as Mary Jane, pot, weed or tea. They never say to each other, ‘Let’s smoke a marijuana cigarette.’ They say, ‘Let’s turn on.’ or ‘Let’s blast a joint.’”
”A marijuana cigarette was found on the floor of one of your classrooms...”
”They had no problem until 3 years ago, but out of a total enrollment of 1200 students 285 were found to be using marijuana or heroin... One student, desperate for money to pay for his habit, sold Bennies... to kids in elementary school. It was the death of a 13 year old who had been addicted to marijuana and then to heroin, that exposed the ugly facts, but by that time it was too late for 41 teenagers who were addicted.” (0:16)

Tony: “Mary Jane’s a crazy name.” (0:20)

Tony tells J. I., referring to Joan, “Now you’ve gone and made the kitten nervous.” (0:21)

Tony Tells J. I., “I’ll let you be vice president or even treasurer of all the weed heads at school.” (0:23)

Teacher Arlene tells Tony, “I wouldn’t want to give you a nervous breakdown.” (0:27)

Joan: "J. I., "I've got to get a stick."
J. I.: “Crazy!” (0:27)

Tony's friend tells Tony, “I already told’em you were grazing for grass.”
Tony sings to Joan, “La cucaracha... marijuana puff...” (0:34)

Tony asks Joan, “Like do you have any weed to torch up on?”
Joan: “I’m dying to blast...”
”... hock the whole place to pay off my debt, just to get myself some reefers.”
”I didn’t know you were a weed head Tony.” (0:36)

Tony sees Doris suffering from opioid withdrawal. He holds up her arm revealing track marks to Joan. Joan: “I thought she was just a weed head like me.”
Tony: “If you flick around with the weed you’re gonna end up using the hard stuff.” (0:38)

Tony tells Jukey, “Well I’m lookin’ to graze on some grass.”
”She said you and Mary Jane were going steady.”
”In her condition she’s not good advertising for someone who’s pushing the stuff.”
Jukey: “What about Mary Jane?”
”Just a stick or two.”
Tony: “I’ll take a stick or two...”
Jukey: “Buck a stick.” (0:39)

Tony tells Arlene, “Crazy.” (0:41)

Joan’s businessman father Jack tells the others, “I remember when I was a teenager, just before prohibition was repealed...”
referring to Commissioner Burroughs, “This time he’s added something new: narcotics... Tony, what do you know about narcotics?”
”The whole effect... will be to get the kids... to even use narcotics...” (0:42)

Lighting a joint, Joan asks Tony, “You sure you don’t want to turn on?”
Tony: “I knew a boy once that gave himself a little fix... Man you won’t catch me fooling around with that hard stuff”
Joan: “Once look at Doris, and I’m convinced to stay with reefers.” (0:43)

Tony asks J. I., “How many joints you got to sell?”
J. I.: ”... and I know I don’t have to tell you what the rap is for pushin’ stuff in this state.”
”I’m not pushin’ hard stuff.”
Tony: “There’s a lot more, too, if you just help me get some H, some coke, and some goof balls.” (0:45)

Joan: “Oh Tony, this is crazy.” (0:50)

Jack tells the desk officer, “You idiotic fool!”
Policeman: “We got a tip on this drag race, but when we found the marijuana, well sir, that’s a very serious charge.” (0:52)

Tony tells J. I., “I want the hard stuff.”
Arlene asks Tony, “How well can you drive when you’re hopped up with marijuana?”
”Marijuana was found near your car.” (0:54)

Tony’s Aunt Gwen tells Arlene, “I just don’t believe all that stuff the papers said about wild reefer parties and fates worse than death in the bushes at night.”
Tony tells Gwen, “You’re nuts.”
Gwen: “I found some marijuana cigarettes when I cleaned your room today.”
Tony: “We could sell’em to the weed heads at school.” (0:57)

Joan starts to light a joint, but Tony pulls it out of her mouth: “Hey, you torchin’ up?... We don’t want to get caught with a reefer again.” (1:01)

Tony tells waiter Quinn, ”It’s crazy.” (1:02)

Tony sees Doris writhing on a bed in withdrawal in drug kingpin Mr. A’s office. Mr. A tells Tony, referring to Doris, “I tried to tell that chick that no pop head ever becomes a lady... You’re the new pusher, huh?”
Tony: “She’s sure all strung out with the habit.”
Mr. A: “I told her I’d give her a fix if she’d join some girlfriends of mine.”
Bix: “She’s kickin’ it bad, but she’s crackin’ up.”
Tony: “I got four big ones, and I’m lookin’ for junk.”
Mr. A: “I was a little bit surprised that you got busted... for using H.”
Tony: “That was just joy popping. I’m not a habit man.”
Mr. A: “Well Bix, give everybody a pop. See if the young lady in the next room a hit...”
When Tony sees Mr. A's paraphernalia he says, “Crazy lookin’ tools.” He injects a hidden rubber ball. When Mr. A gives his syringe back to Bix without injecting, he asks Mr. A, “Hey, what about your pop?”
Tony: “Crazy, Mr. A.”
Mr. A: “I never took a fix, and I never will. I just wholesale to pop head pushers. If I ever took a shot, and the big boys heard about it, I’d be out of business. You ever know a hype you could trust?”
Bix: “The more kids that get hooked, the better for business, but no junky, young or old, will ever get the big time rackets.”
Mr. A: “You try to rat on me, it’s just a junky’s word against mine... I’m clean.”
”We’ll... tell you where to pick up the stash.” (1:04)

Joan tells Tony: “I thought I heard Tony Baker say for me to stop blasting... Give me a joint.” (1:11)

Tony tells Gwen, “Now look, sober up, will you?” (1:14)

Joan tells Arlene, “Tony’s a pusher, and if I find a reefer, you’re not gonna stop me from blastin’.”
”Please, J. I., give me a joint. I’ve just gotta have a blast.”
”Buy me a stick from Jukey...”
J. I. tells his friend, “Give me a stick.” (1:15)

Joan sees the joint on the floor and picks it up, but she breaks it in half. (1:17)