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The Hippie Revolt (Something's Happening)

Muhammad Ali, General Hershey Bar, Carl Franzoni, Elliot Mintz, Vito Paulekas
amphetamine | cocaine | deadly nightshade | dimethyltryptamine | ethyl alcohol | hashish | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methamphetamine | Methedrine
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Sign: “DANGER ACID” (0:01)

Flag with image of a marijuana leaf.
“But acid kicked it off.” (0:02)

“... drug associated... former jazz musicians... and suddenly it’s hip to talk drugs... He’s no longer a neurotic juvenile... He’s still a neurotic juvenile.” (0:04)

“...more than speed freaks...”
“... drugs... How to avoid being arrested for drugs.”
Poster: “a series of three classes designed to save you from becoming a psychedelic casualty...” (0:08)

“DANGER ACID” (0:10)

“You hear stuff about LSD...” (0:16)

“I would hope that... instead of going to... psychologists they will go to the people in the movement...”
Sign: “DEPRESSED?” (0:21)

Graffiti: “What’s life without acid?”
“The Road Runner is a speed freak.” (0:22)

Young people share smoke from a hookah. (0:24)

“I took many acid trips here, and, uh, they were really good acid trips. ” (0:33)

“There’s people that have never taken drugs...”
“My parents, the last time I talked to them they wanted to commit me.” (0:38)

“Lots of people blow pot. Everybody blows grass.”
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with grass.”
Rolling a joint, smoking joints. (0:39)

“We don’t say drugs are the way... advocate drugs... We use dope. Our world is not dope. He’s never even taken LSD, and he’s a stony...” (0:43)

“Any kind of ego trip...”
“Any kind of ego trip’s a defense.”
“You want to get rid of ego?”
“... hallucinating God.”
“It’s not a hallucination though.”
“Like when I was first taking acid I’d never heard of psychedelic drugs in my life. When someone gave me LSD I’d never gotten high on even liquor... I took LSD, and I saw God that day.” (0:44)

“... and the whole water of the United States will be polluted with acid...”
“What you have here is the gathering of... the acid tribe. Now most of them here can get where its at... without acid... the acid graduation... mind expanded view of life without acid”

“There’s nothing wrong with drugs... crazy feeling... DMT... acid... my personal hangups... weren’t created with drugs, and they’re not going to be cured with them.” (0:48)

“I’ve been up on acid 40 times, and I’ve smoked pot, and I’ve smoked DMT-sprayed pot, and I’ve smoked hash... taken pills... They’ve taken acid... the right acid... This is what acid is supposed to accomplish. But when you start putting in belladonna and methedrine and cocaine... what you’re supposed to on acid... the right kind of acid...”
“There’s no special... to drugs... no worse than alcohol or a housewife taking tranquilizers... get high and it’s fun.”
“... never wear clothes because that’s just a hangup...”
“... you’re going to have to deal with yourself stone cold sober... face... real anxieties.” (0:49)

“Psychedelic painting is more than just blowing your mind... a woman painted psychedelically... psychedelic body games...” (0:55)

“I’m the first psychedelic general in the Pentagon.” (1:02)

“I think he’s a communist on LSD.” (1:04)