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His Girl Friday

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy, Gene Lockhart, Helen Mack, Porter Hall, Ernest Truex, Cliff Edwards, Clarence Kolb, Roscoe Karns
Cary Grant | Jack London | Adolf Hitler
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His ex-wife and star reporter Hildy tells her newspaper editor husband, “Oh, I jumped out that window a long time ago Walter.”
Walter: ”... I still claim that I was tight the night a proposed to you...” (0:04)

By telephone his city editor Duffy asks Walter, ”Are you loony?” (0:08)

Hildy asks Walter, “What does that mean... Waking people up in the middle of the night to ask them if Hitler’s going to start another war?” (0:10)

Walter describes death row inmate Earl Williams to Hildy and her insurance agent fiance Bruce as a “... poor little dope who went berserk...”
Bruce: “Well, if he was out of his mind when he did it, why doesn’t the state just put him away?”
Hildy: “Eggelhoffer says he’s sane. Interview says he’s goofy.” (0:20)

Another reporter tells reporter McCue by telephone, “This alienist from New York, Dr. Max J Eggelhoffer.”
Reporter Murphy: “This must be about the tenth alienist they’ve put on Williams. If he wasn’t crazy before he would be by the time 10 of those babies got through psychoanalyzing him.”
Murphy tells Hildy, “If you ask the state alienist, the answer is yes.” (0:24)

Earl tells Hildy, “So you see I couldn’t plead insanity because I’m just as sane as anybody else.”
”There’s nothing crazy about that, is there?” (0:33)

A reporter tells Earl’s girlfriend Mollie Malloy, “You’ve been stickin’ around that cuckoo ever since they threw him in the death house.” (0:36)

Murphy asks Sheriff Hartwell, “What if this Eggelhoffer finds Williams insane?”
Hartwell: “He won’t find him insane because he isn’t. He’s just as sane as I am.”
Reporters: “Saner.” (0:40)

Psychiatrist Eggelhoffer tells Hartwell, “I can discuss the psychological aspects of the case...” (0:45)

By telephone Hildy tells Walter, “It seems this expert, Dr. Eggelhoffer... was giving Williams a final sanity test in the Sheriff’s office...” (0:49)

Hartwell tells the governor’s messenger Pettibone, “Insane, he says. Well he knows very well Williams isn’t insane.” (0:56)

Williams tells Hildy, “You can’t trust anybody in this crazy world.” (1:00)

Hildy tells Mollie, “For heaven’s sake, don’t you get hysterical.”
”Are you crazy?” (1:02)

Hildy tells the other reporters that Mollie “Came up here and had hysterics...”
”Are you crazy?” (1:03)

Mollie jumps from the window of the press room.
Hildy tells Walter, “Thank heavens she didn’t kill herself.”
Walter tells gangster Louie, “Tell him it’s a case of DTs.”
Walter tells Hildy, “You drooling idiot, what do you mean you’re getting out?” (1:06)

By telephone Walter tells Duffy, “Take Hitler, and stick him on the funny page!” (1:11)

Reporter Roy asks Walter, “Sort of Jack London style?” (1:14)

Mrs. Baldwin tells the others, “I was standing right here when that girl jumped out of the window.”
Hildy tells Bruce’s mother, “He’s just a little crazy, mother.” (1:22)

Walter tells Fred the mayor, “Listen, the last man to say that to me was Archie Leach, just a week before he cut his throat.”
Fred, referring to Pettibone: ”He’s insane.”
”He’s insane, drunk or something.” (1:24)

Reference in Little Boy