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David Jason, Marc Warren, Michelle Dockery, David Warner, Nigel Planer, Stephen Marcus, Craig Conway, Rhodri Meilir, Sinead Matthews, Ian Richardson, Nicholas Tennant, Joss Ackland, Timothy Bateson, Dominic Borrelli, John Boswall, Ed Coleman, John Franklyn-Robbins, Roger Frost, Geoffrey Hutchings, Maggie McCarthy, Tim Plester, Robert Portal, Terry Pratchett, Marnix Van Den Broeke, Arthur White
Terry Pratchett
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Episode I

A neighbor tells Susan, “Very psychological.”
“Very psychological.”(0:15)

Thug Chickenwire tells thug David, referring to assassin Teatime, “I’ve heard he’s mental...” (0:20)

Elf: “Even if I’m going to have the mother of all hangovers in the morning.” (0:42)

Mustrum Ridcully tells the others, “Makes one wonder why there’s a god of wine and not a god of hangovers.” (1:17)

Episode II

Susan tells Mustrum Ridcully, referring to Bilious, “He’s the ‘Oh God’ of hangovers.”
The Lecturer in Recent Runes tells Susan, “It’s not difficult at all, if you don’t mind the side effects.”
Susan: “Tell me about the side effects.”
Ridcully: “Definitely sober.”
Another wizard tells Ridcully, “What you have there may represent pure sobriety.”
Susan, referring to Bilious: “He has no memory of existing before appearing at the Hogfather’s castle.”
Susan: ”I didn’t have you sobered up just so you could go on a binge.”
Ridcully: “I said something to young Stibbons about drinking and hangovers...”
Bilious asks Susan, ”And I’m sober, am I?”
”When I appeared as the Hogfather’s Castle there was this drunken little fellow in a pointy hat.” (0:06)

Bilious suffers a closed head injury. (0:24)

Ridcully: “Oh well, I’m damn well sure that there’s never been an eater of socks or a god of hangovers.” (0:26)

Bilious tells a tooth fairy, “I’m the ‘Oh God’ of Hangovers.” (0:47)

Susan tells assassin Teatime, “You’re the mad kid they’re all scared of, right?” (0:58)

Teatime tells Susan, “I’m in touch with my inner child.” (1:00)