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Shia LaBeouf, Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Tim Blake Nelson, Khleo Thomas, Patricia Arquette, Jake M. Smith, Byron Cotton, Brenden Jefferson, Miguel Castro, Max Kasch, Siobhan Fallon, Henry Winkler, Noah Poletiek, Zane Holtz, Steven Kozlowski
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Prisoner “Barf Bag” deliberately provokes a rattlesnake to bite his foot. (0:01)

Stanley Yelnats, IV “Caveman” tells his mother Tiffany, "Don't freak out." (0:03)

Marion "Mr. Sir" tells a guard, "I give up smokin’." (0:06)

He says to Stanley: "I'm Dr. Pendanski, your counselor."
Referring to Mr. Sir: ”He's just been in a bad mood since he quit smoking.” (0:10)

Stanley writes a letter to his mother: "You'd like my counselor." (0:27)

Stanley tells prisoner “Squid,” referring to his parents, "I don't want them to worry." (0:27)

Squid tells Stanley, referring to another prisoner, "He's crazy." (0:32)

Stanley, referring to his mother: "She's crazy." (0:33)

Another prisoner tells Stanley, referring to prisoner “Zigzag’s” file, "It says he suffers from, um, acute paranoia." (0:44)

Schoolmistress “Kissin’ Kate” Barlow tells the sheriff, "You're drunk."
Sheriff: ”I always get drunk before hanging.” (0:51)

Pendanski tells Stanley, referring to Zero, "... the mental stress just causes his brain too much of a challenge" (1:10)

Stanley’s grandfather tells Stanley, referring to Stanley’s great-grandfather, "He was half crazy when they found him." (1:13)

Barlow hallucinates deceased Sam, the onion man. She makes a venomous lizard bite her and dies. (1:34)

Warden Louise Walker, referring to her granddaddy, "He drove himself crazy out here digging holes." (1:39)

Stanley: "Camp Green Lake was closed and the boys released for time served and sent to real counselors." (1:50)