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Holiday Road Trip

Ashley Scott, Patrick Muldoon, Kip Pardue
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Her boyfriend Davis tells Maya, "Don’t worry about it." (0:05)

Company owner Max tells executive Winslow, "I’m not worried at all." (0:06)

Max: "We make every dog fancier in America fall madly in love with Scoots this holiday season." (0:08)

Maya tells Max’s son Patrick, "Don’t confuse me with one of your floozy girlfriends..." (0:12)

Maya tells patrick, "No road rage..."
Patrick: ”Maya... you don’t have an impulsive bone in your entire body.” (0:13)

By telephone, Davis tells Maya, "I get so wound up and obsessed with my career that I sometimes forget what’s really important to me."
Maya: ”Chainsaw Massacre, West Virginia.” (0:23)

Maya answers Patrick, "’Cause you’re a moron."
Patrick: ”A moron?” (0:29)

Patrick tells Maya, "Don’t worry" (0:32)

Patrick tells Maya, "... I probably have nothing to worry about ‘cause we haven’t actually kissed or anything yet." (0:35)

By telephone, Maya tells her mother Cynthia, "Don’t worry." (0:49)

Patrick tells Maya, "My father and I haven’t spent Christmas together since the year my mom passed."
Maya: ”Christmas at my house is crazy.” (0:49)

Patrick tells Maya, "Oh, you’re crazy." (0:53)

Patrick asks Maya, "Are you crazy/" (0:56)

Maya tells Patrick, referring to the police,"They’re gonna treat us like Bonnie and Clyde." (1:00)

Maya tells Parick, "Stop worrying." (1:00)

By telephone, her coworker Clara tells Maya, "We’ve been worried sick." (1:00)

Maya tells Patrick, "... I’ve been really stressed out." (1:04)

Patrick tells Maya, "Crazy trip." (1:11)

Maya tells Patrick, "You’re crazy." (1:24)