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Home of the Brave

Douglas Dick, Jeff Corey, Lloyd Bridges, Frank Lovejoy, James Edwards, Steve Brodie
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The doctor tells Maj. Robinson and T. J. Everett, "Private Peter Moss, complete paralysis from the hips down, partial amnesia."
”I’m a psychiatrist, Major... The boy suffered a severe traumatic shock... lost his memory...” (0:02)

Finch answers Sgt. Mingo: "I say that four G.I.s going to an island that’s crawling with Japs is crazy." (0:12)

The doctor tells Robinson, "... at this point I’m only interested in one man, the patient... Moss."
”He’s due for a treatment now.”
Narcosynthesis, Major, narcosynthesis. You administer a drug that acts as a release for the patient. Usually, he will relive the experiences immediately preceding shock, if the doctor leads him. Usually, one or two injections are enough for him to recover physically. I’m starting the treatment today.”
Robinson: ”He’ll get his memory back?”
”Can’t this narcosynthesis...?” (0:13)

The doctor tells Moss, "This is gonna make you sleep without all those bad dreams."
The doctor injects Moss’s arm.
Referring to Finch: ”Don’t worry about him.” (0:17)

Finch asks Moss, "... you lose your memory. You got amnesia?"
Moss: ”Your folks’d be worried about you.”
”Don’t worry about it.” (0:22)

Moss tells Finch, "You’re crazy."
”Finch, you’re out of your mind.” (0:33)

Finch, tells a bird: "You too, you idiot." (0:37)

Finch and T. J. strike each other in the head. (0:40)

Moss tells Finch, "It was some drunken bum across the alley..." (0:41)

Robinson tells Moss, "We’ll worry about that when the time comes."
”I said we’d worry about that when the time comes, Mingo.”
Mingo: ”Those crazy birds.” (0:51)

Robinson tells Mingo, "I think you’re just worried about going back to your wife..." (0:57)

Finch dies in Moss’s arms. (1:03)

T. J. tells Moss, referring to Finch, "Don’t worry about him."
Moss: ”I can’t move.” (1:05)

The doctor tells Moss, "You had a shock." (1:11)

T.J. tells Mingo, "You think I’m gonna shed any tears over leaving this joint, you’re crazy."
Mingo answers T. J.’s question: ”Some idiot who thought we’d catch cold...”
T. J.: ”Ah, well don’t worry about it.” (1:16)

Moss answers T. J.: "It was part of the treatment."
T. J.: ”That's the kind of patient I’d like to be.”
”You crazy, Mingo?”
”I won’t fight with a cripple.”
Moss tells Mingo, ”I was crazy yelling I was different.”
Mingo: ”Pete, my boy, you’ve got a charming memory.” (1:19)