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Honor Among Thieves

Alain Delon, Charles Bronson, Brigitte Fossey
Charles Bronson
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Originally released as Adieu l'ami (Farewell, Friend).

Army doctor Dino tells soldier come pimp and thief Franz, “I’m a drunk and a tightwad.” (0:04)

Franz’ client tells prostitute Catherine, “You’re an idiot.” (0:23)

Photographer Isabelle tells Dino, “But you’re crazy...”
”You’re crazy.” (0:29)

Dino tells Franz, “We... got drunk...” (1:00)

Dino grieves for the comrade he killed by accident. (1:02)

Franz asks Dino, “Are you crazy?” (1:04)

Medical student “Waterloo” tells Dino that when she takes exams, “I get in a panic.” (1:24)

Police inspector Antoine tells Franz, “It’s damn depressing to think that you’re going to wind up in jail for life...” (1:30)