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Honor Society

CastAngourie Rice, Gaten Matarazzo
Year released2022
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High school student Honor Rose, referring to her father Marvin: "It’s a fantasy of his that he’ll finish..." (0:02)

Honor: "Mr. Calvin is my guidance counselor..." (0:04)

Honor: "You’re thinking... this girl’s got nothing to worry about... It’s about... where the genius who wrote this book fulfilled her potential..." (0:06)

Mr. Calvin: "... Honor, if I had to use a metaphor..."
Honor: ”I love a good metaphor.”
Mr. Calvin: ”... we’re gonna be finishing each other’s metaphors.”
”We were a crazy bunch back then.” (0:08)

Honor tells her schoolmate Talia, "I don’t have time for self-pity."
Talia tells their other schoolmate, ”Yeah, Emma, no time for self-pity.”
Referring to schoolmate Travis Biggins: ”He clearly doesn’t get distracted easily.”
Talia: ”We’ll focus.” (0:12)

Honor, referring to schoolmate Kennedy Park: "No, it won’t be a boy that distracts Kennedy..."
Referring to schoolmate Michael Dipnicky: ”He wants any girl, fantasizing about some porn star...” (0:15)

Honor: "... two birds are about to get their skulls crushed with one stone." (0:19)

Honor: "I suppose I should be sympathetic..." (0:22)

Schoolmate Gary tells Travis, "Oh, don’t worry." (0:25)

Honor: "That’s not ego..." (0:27)

Mr. Calvin tells two students, "I’m gonna call your mom and tell her you do drugs." (0:28)

Honor: "... going back to the bread metaphor..." (0:31)

Mrs. Rose tells Honor and Michael, "Here’s some hot chocolate and pecan zucchini bread for you workaholics." (0:36)

Gary answers Mr. Biggins: "... just my ego..." (0:39)

Honor answers the man at the bar: "Those roofies you were going to put in the drink you were going to buy me."
”Rohypnol. Roofies... I had no proof he was going to drug me.” (0:41)

Mr. Calvin tells Honor, "It was crazy, though, right?" (0:42)

Honor, referring to Mr. Calvin: "He seemed fine, just really drowsy" (0:43)

Talia tells schoolmate Christine, "... I’m so glad you’re so confident." (0:45)

Honor, referring to Michael: "... it’s hard for me to accept I haven’t been enough to distract him." (0:48)

Honor, referring to Michael: "I’m not obsessed with him or anything..." (0:50)

Michael tells Honor, "Don’t worry about it." (0:52)

Honor: "I think you just have to go with your instinct, Travis." (0:57)

Kennedy tells Honor, referring to Mr. Calvin, "My teachers told him they were worried about me." (0:58)

Michael tells Honor, "... I’d pretend that my parents were still alive..." (0:59)

Honor, referring to her friends: "They’ve got nothing to worry about..." (1:03)

His lacrosse coach father tells Travis, referring to Christine, "She’s the idiot for not knowing." (1:06)

Honor prepares to lace Michael’s drink with flunitrazepam. (1:08)

Mr. Calvin tells Honor, "Don’t worry about the age difference..." (1:15)

Michael tells Honor, "... thank you for not using the roofie..."
”Everybody at the school either want to ignore or abuse me...” (1:20)

Travis tells Honor, "We were really worried."
Kennedy: ”So worried, I rode in a Jeep...”
Gary: ”... crazy person says what?” (1:26)

Mr. Calvin: "ET phone home..." (1:34)

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