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Hope Springs

Colin Firth, Heather Graham, Minnie Driver, Mary Steenburgen, Frank Collison, Oliver Platt, Mary Black, Ken Kramer, Chad Faust
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Hotel owner Joanie tells British artist Colin, referring to her nursing home attendant friend Mandy, “She’d just love a psychological challenge on this scale.”
This’ll help you sleep.”
Colin: “I don’t take prescription...” (0:09)

Mandy tells Colin, “I mean, most people, when they go through a breakup, you know, they go through a state of shock, and they get depressed, and they want to be alone.” (0:12)

Joanie’s husband tells Colin, “See, from what you’re saying, you know, delirium and swamis and chants...” (0:17)

Mandy tells Colin, “I’m sorry, it’s you that’s supposed to be getting the therapy from this.”
”See, I was just nervous.” (0:21)

His former girlfriend Vera, referring to Colin: “Presumably, Mandy, Colin hasn’t told you because he is blocking it out...” (0:50)

Mandy: “Don’t be an idiot, Colin.”
Colin: “And do you know what the shocking diagnosis was, Mandy?” (0:53)

Colin tells a couple of golfers, “My hysterical ex-fiance here is just on her way to the airport...” (0:59)

Colin tells Vera, “I feel like I’m being stalked. You’ll be boiling rabbits next.” (1:04)

Hope Mayor Doug tells Colin, “I know that history has witnessed a long line of lunacy from your small island shores...” (1:18)