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Hope Springs (2012)

Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, Jean Smart, Ben Rappaport, Marin Ireland, Patch Darragh, Brett Rice, Becky Ann Baker, Elisabeth Shue
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Accountant Arnold reads to his retail worker wife Kay, from a pamphlet, “Bernard Feld, Center for Intensive Couples Counseling. You want to go for couples counseling.”
Kay: ”I am not crazy, Arnold.”
Arnold: “So if you want to go to intensive couples counseling...” (0:09)

His partner tells Arnold, “... come home late, piss drunk...” (0:11)

Arnold tells Kay, “This is insane.” (0:13)

Kay tells the waitress, “I have a nervous stomach.” (0:18)

Arnold tells Kay, “If he says one word about repressed memories I am leaving. (0:19)

Session with Dr. “Bernie” Feld: “So, Arnold, I take it intensive therapy was not your idea.”
”I thought she was nuts... We’re not in the same tax bracket as your other patients.”
Arnold tells Kay, ”You really have lost your mind.” (0:19)

Session with Feld. Arnold: “I have that sleep apnea deal.” (0:27)

Sign: “Center for Intensive Couples Counseling.”
Arnold tells Kay, “This is insane.” (0:30)

Feld asks Arnold, “Have you ever experienced erectile dysfunction?” (0:42)

Arnold tells Kay, “You... could be being treated by someone who’s psychotic.” (0:46)

Arnold tells Feld, “What I’m afraid will happen here is what probably happens in every... therapist’s office...” (0:53)

Feld tells Kay, “I’m going to give you something that may help with your anxiety.” (1:06)

Feld: “So I think you’re ready to follow up with a therapist at home... I have patients who never should have gotten married...” (1:21)

Arnold tells Kay, “I vow to go to one of those sleep studies...” (1:36)