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Horrors of the Black Museum

Michael Gough, June Cunningham, Graham Curnow
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Commissioner Wayne tells Graham and Lodge, "There's no doubt we're dealing with a brilliant maniac." (0:08)

Dr. Ballan tells writer Bancroft, "I shall have to put you under sedation."
Bancroft: "I can't pamper myself with tranquilizers and sedatives..." (0:09)

Dr. Ballan tells his nurse regarding Bancroft: "The pupils of his eyes were noticably very small, although I am convinced he does not take drugs... I suspect he is the victim of some aberation which is driving him from a sane and normal mental base. I feel he is in definite need of psychiatric treatment and should be hospitalized..." (0:18)

His mistress Joan, talking to Bancroft, refers to "this new maniac." (0:19)

A jailer tells Wayne and Graham, referring to prisoner Rivers, "Since the war he's been in and out of three mental institutions. Schizophrenia, but he's harmless."
Commissioner Wayne: "I suppose we'd better have him committed to a hospital, quietly." (0:38)

Graham tells Bancroft, "Rivers has a mental disorder... For his own good he's being confined to a mental institution... I am quite sure the last thing in the world a psychiatrist would prescribe for his cure is more publicity." (0:49)

Dr. Ballan tells Bancroft, "but out of consideration for our relationship, which is a privileged one, doctor and patient, I came to you... I'll explain your aberation until an accredited psychiatrist can confirm it... You must be put away... I know you're mad... I've dealt with deranged persons before."
Bancroft: "It's a pity you won't indulge a madman one moment longer. (0:51)

Bancroft prepares a syringe, injects his assistant Rick in his arm. Holding the bottle of liquid Bancroft tells Rick, "This is the most valuable. It makes reality out of legend, truth out of myth." (1:03)

Perhaps Bancroft has used a drug like amobarbital to induce an hypnotic trance in Rick making him vulnerable to post-hypnotic suggestion.