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Hot Shots!

CastCharlie Sheen, Cary Elwes, Valeria Golino, Lloyd Bridges
Year released1991
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Lt. Sean “Topper” Harley awakens from a nightmare. (0:04)

Rear Admiral Thomas "Tug" Benson bangs his head on a jet engine. (0:11)

Lt. Jim "Wash Out" Pfaffenbach tells Topper, "I hear you’ve got chops the rest of us only dream of..." (0:12)

Officer Red Herring tells Topper, "Your ego’s writin’ checks your body can't’ cash." (0:14)

Topper tells Lt. Kent "Pirate" Gregory, referring to Lt. Jim "Wash Out" Pfaffenbach, "He’s the one that ate your father." (0:16)

Tug tells Lt. Commander James "Eyewitness" Block, "I have a shell the size of a fist in my head."
Tug bangs his head on the desk. (0:17)

Topper reads Psychology Today. (0:18)

Topper tells psychiatrist Ramada Thompson, "Maybe after I finish off this shrink, we can..."
Ramada: ”I am the shrink.”
Topper: ”You’re the psychiatrist?”
Ramada: ”Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist on a regular basis?” (0:19)

Topper recalls Red Herring’s voice: "Your ego’s writin’ checks your body can’t cash." (0:23)

By radio, Topper tells Block, "I, uh, thought I saw Elvis." (0:24)

Topper tells Ramada, "No, you’ve been slaving over hot psychotics all day."
Ramada: ”You’re very confident, aren’t you.”
”... I’m talking to you as a psychiatrist...” (0:25)

Block tells airplane manufacturing executive Mr. Wilson, referring to Topper, "Here’s his evaluation: Clear cut case of paternal conflict syndrome." (0:27)

Ramada hits a man on the head with her microphone. (0:30)

Pirate tells Topper, "That flying stunt today was pure madness..."
Ramada: ”You’re behaving like children.” (0:31)

Ramada tells Topper, "Maybe that’s why I worry so."
Topper: ”Don’t worry.” (0:34)

His wife Mary tells Lt. Jr. Grade Pete "Dead Meat" Thompson, "We just closed escrow on our dream house." (0:39)

Wash Out’s head goes through the floor of another jet. (0:42)

Topper and other inflict traumatic head injuries on Dead Meat. (0:44)

Emergency room doctor: "Nurse, give me 15 ccs of morphine..." (0:45)

Funeral for Dead Meat in cemetery (0:46)

Ramada tells Topper, "... I sent my evaluation to Commander Block..." (0:49)

Tug tells Block, "Thompson’s death was a shock to us all." (0:50)

Scenes referring to Rocky, Gone with the Wind, and Superman
Ramada: ”Topper, I’m so confused...” (0:54)

Topper punches Pirate in the face. (0:59)

Block: "This is insane."
”You’re committing suicide.” (1:06)

Topper tells Block, "Don’t worry, sir." (1:14)

Tug punches Wilson in the face. (1:16)

A dentist asks Wilson, "Is it safe?" (1:16)

Pirate tells Ramada, "Don’t worry, little one." (1:17)

Elvis Presley (1:20)

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