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The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959)

Peter Cushing, André Morell , Christopher Lee, Marla Landi, David Oxley, Francis De Wolff, Miles Malleson, Ewen Solon, John Le Mesurier, Helen Goss
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Detective Sherlock tells Doctor Watson, referring to Sir Charles, “He was running, running for his life, running in panic until he burst his heart.” (0:16)

A tarantula crawls up Sir Henry’s arm to his shoulder. We hope he does not suffer from arachnophobia? (0:21)

Doctor Watson tells Doctor Mortimer, referring to escaped prisoner Selden, “There was some talk of him being insane.” (0:23)

Servant Barrymore tells Watson and Sir Henry, “She was most upset by Sir Charles’s death. Her nerves have been in a bad way ever since.”
Sir Henry, “Watson, you can give her something to calm her nerves, can’t you.” (0:25)

Watson asks Mortimer, “Does your diagnosis confirm mine?” (0:43)

Watson tells detective Sherlock, “That was madness.” (0:45)

Sherlock tells Watson, referring to Sir Henry, “We’re to avenge his death, not mourn over it.” (0:48)

Mrs. Barrymore learns of the death of her brother Selden. (0:54)

Caged spiders and scorpions in the rectory. (0:56)

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