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In the House (2012)

acetaminophen | Xanax | alprazolam
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Art gallery manager Jeanne tells her teacher husband Germain, referring to student Claude, “He needs a shrink.”
Germain: ”Better to vent with words than set fire to cars.” (0:15)

School secretary Anouk reads to Germain from the record that Claude’s father is “A laborer on disability.” (0:17)

Claude, referring to his friend’s father Rapha, Sr.: “The Clippers have a Korean player, an excuse for him to talk about China, his obsession.” (0:19)

Jeanne tells Germain, “The nutcase who killed John Lennon carried a book, The Catcher in the Rye.” (0:21)

Jeanne tells Germain, “The artist is poking fun at the culture industry’s obsession with tangible objects, giving us something poetic...” (0:25)

Rapha, Sr. tells his wife Esther, referring to his client, “Wong Lee got drunk last night.” (0:28)

Esther tells Rapha, Sr., referring to Rapha, Jr., “He’s nervous.”
Referring to Claude, ”He’s making me nervous.” (0:29)

Germain tells Claude, referring to Ulysses, “The sirens hypnotize him.” (0:30)

Claude: “The intoxicating scent of the middle class woman fills the room... paracetamol... Xanax!”
He examines a box labeled Xanax. (0:41)

Jeanne tells Germain, “Xanax treats anxiety.”
Gemaine: “Half the teachers are on meds.”
Jeanne, referring to Claude, “He has problems, but he’s obsessed with work.” (0: 43)

Jeanne calls Germain “Masochist.” (0:49)

Germain tells the principal, “Red makes the learner anxious.” (0:58)

Claude sees men in the park: “Now dealers deal in the daytime...” (1:09)

Germain asks Claude, “Did you shoot up a can of peaches?” (1:11)

Rapha, Sr. tells Esther, referring to Wong Lee, “He was so drunk he hassled this girl.” (1:12) 

Claude opens Rapha, Jr.’s room to find him hanging lifeless from the ceiling. (1:17)

Claude tells Germain, “I knew you wouldn't like the suicide.” (1:19)

Germain asks Jeanne, “Are you crazy?”
Jeanne: ”You’re insane.” (1:37)