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House of Dracula

CastLon Chaney, Martha O'Driscoll. John Carradine, Lionel Atwill, Onslow Stevens, Glenn Strange, Jane Adams, Ludwig Stossel
Year released1945
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Dr. Franz Edelmann answers Baron Latos, "Medical science refutes such a thing... the victims...believed the blood of other people was necessary to keep them alive, became psychopathic killers... induced fixations..." 
Latos (Count Dracula): ”Within this coffin is a layer of soil taken from my native country...” 
Edelmann: ”It would be a challenge to medical science.” (0:03)

Coffin (0:04)

Edelmann’s assistant Milizia Morelle asks Latos, "You’re not here as a patient?" 
Latos: ”Unfortunately, the doctor thought it advisable that I come here for treatment.” (0:09)

Latos asks Edelmann, "These treatments will take some time?" 
Edelmann: ”Then we shall start treatments tonight...” (0:10)

Inspector Holz: "If I find the person who started the rumor we have crazy man here, I’ll lock him up." (0:13)

Holz tells Edelmann, "... when he started raving, I realized it was something serious..." (0:13)

Lawrence Steward Talbot tells Edelmann, "When the full moon rises, I turn into a werewolf..." 
Edelmann: ”It’s a belief that exists only in your mind.” 
Talbot turns into a werewolf. (0:15)

Edelmann tells Talbot, "In your case, my boy, diagnosis is extremely difficult." 
”... During the period in which your reasoning processes give way to self-hypnosis, the glands which govern your metabolism get out of control... the glands generate an abnormal supply of certain hormones...” (0:17)

Talbot tries to kill himself by jumping from a cliff. (0:19)

Milizia asks Edelmann’s assistant Nina, referring to Talbot, "When it does, if he’s still alive, he’ll try to destroy himself again." (0:20)

Latos asks Edelmann, "Why worry so long as the treatments are proving successful?" 
”Which is of little concern to the patient...” (0:31)

Nina tells Edelmann, referring to Milizia, "She seemed awfully tired, like a person in a trance." 
Edelmann: ”In a trance?” (0:34)

Edelmann appears to lose consciousness. Nina appears to faint.
First Nina, then Edelmann, regain consciousness. (0:37)

Malizia faints. (0:40)

Nina tells Edelmann, "Don’t worry about that now..." (0:47)

Nina tells Milizia, "Don’t worry, we’ll have enough." (0:48)

Edelmann tells Nina, referring to Talbot, "We can expect some nervous shock." (0:48)

Edelmann tells he gardener, "Don’t worry about it, Ziegfried" (0:52)

Edelmann runs into the graveyard. (0:54)

Holz, referring to Ziegfried: "His throat was torn open as though by some enraged animal." (0:56)

Talbot tells Edelmann, "... It’s you I’m worried about." 
Edelmann: ”... In trying to perform the miracle of medical science, I failed.” (0:58)

Steinmuhl tells Holz, referring to Ziegfried, "It’s clear Dr. Edelmann killed my brother." (1:00)

Malizia, referring to Edelmann, "He’s gone mad." (1:04)

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