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How High

Method Man, Redman, Obba Babatundé, Mike Epps, Anna Maria Horsford, Fred Willard, Jeffrey Jones, Hector Elizondo, Lark Voorhies, Al Shearer
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | crack cocaine | marijuana | psylocybe | tetrahydrocannabinol | Friedrich Nietzsche
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Drug dealer Silas tells Mikey, "Yeah, rehab, mouthwash, and a job application."
”That’s ‘cause you comin’ down off a three month crack binge.”
Mikey: ”... you got anything for a head wound.”
Mikey bangs his head against something then falls unconscious.
Silas: ”... crackhead.” (0:02)

His friend Ivory tells Silas, "Now, if I can get something from the garden of weeden..."
Silas: ”Dances with Wolves
Ivory: ”Field of Dreams
Silas: ”That’s a natural aphrodisiac right there... That’s a painkiller.” (0:03)

Ivory tells Silas, "You got an opportunity to do something here that the drug companies would never do..."
”Don’t worry about the Ive.”
”You just remember to take them THCs...”
”If anything happened to me while I jumped out a window... I got your back...” (0:05)

His mother tells Jamal King, "They found the weed on you, didn’t they?"
Mamma King asks him about the pipe she shows him.
Mamma beats Jamal on the head.
”You gonna have to take that THC test...”
”Now don’t disappoint me, you weed-smoking, three-day-wearing nasty ass.” (0:06)

Ivory tells his internet date, "I rented Field of Dreams and Dances with Wolves." (0:08)

Ivory watches Field of Dreams while smoking a joint with resulting sensory disturbances. The character says, “Annie, crazy ho. Only way I’m coming is if you got some females and some chronic.”
Ivory bursts into flames and jumps out the window. (0:08)

Silas, holding Ivory’s ashes: "I’m gonna miss you, dog, and I’m gonna be thinking about you while I take them THCs..." (0:09)

Silas tends marijuana plants, including some fertilized with Ivory’s ashes. (0:10)

Silas: "Blunt o’clock, boy." (0:10)

Jamal: "Look at this little-ass bag of... weed."
”My weed.”
Silas: ”Got blunt?”
Jamal: ”Got weed?”
”I figure if I study high, take the test high, get high scores.”
They share a blunt.
Both Jamal and Silas see and interact with hallucinated Ivory.

Ivory tells Silas, ”People can only see me when they smoke me... Socrates, Nietzsche...” (0:13)

Jamal tells Silas, "I must not be high enough, man." (0:14)

Jamal asks Silas, "Yo, we still high on that Ivory?" (0:14)

Philip Huntley tells Dean Carl Cain, referring to Jamal and Silas, "They made perfect scores on their THCs." (0:15)

Silas tells Huntley, "I gotta roll up that joint."
Huntley: ”With test scores like these, you can roll up any joint you want, but Harvard, gentlemen, is not just any joint.” (0:16)

Jamal tells Cain, "... I say idiot."
Cain: ”An idiot?” (0:21)

Silas answers student volunteer Gerald, "Cannabi for men."
Geral: ”See, I’m looking for the ecstasy. I’m looking for the pot. Oh, yeah, I’m looking for those ‘shrooms.” (0:23)

Amir tells a girl, "Don’t worry, baby." (0:23)

Jamal tells student Tuan, "Well, I’m Jamal, a pothead."
Jamal tells Gerald, referring to “I Need Money”, ”He’s a mute.”
Silas strikes Gerald in the face. (0:25)

Silas tells Cain, "Don’t you worry." (0:27)

Marijuana plants (0:28

Silas lights a joint and blows smoke across Jamal’s face. (0:28)

Crew coach Bill tells Jamal, referring to crew member Bart, "His parents have been driving me crazy... for years..." (0:30)

Silas asks Jamal, "You high yet?"
Jamal: ”Maybe not high enough.”
Silas: ”Maybe I didn’t hit it hard enough.”
Jamal and Silas interact with Ivory.
Ivory: ”Everything was cool, man, until Marvin Gaye came in there trippin’” (0:36)

Prescription bottles on table (0:38)

Jamal asks student Jamie, "You crazy?" (0:41)

Silas tells Lauren, "You discovered all this crazy shit." (0:42)

Silas, Jamal and their student friend Tuan smoke joints. (0:46)

Jamal smokes a joint while rowing. Bart tells him, "Shoot the J."
Mamma King: ”You been smokin’ too much ganja, huh?” (0:47)

Jamal: "Stroke, smoke, stroke, smoke..." while Silas shares a joint with him. (0:49)

Tuan asks Silas, "Aren’t you worried about getting kicked out?"
”What happened to bird, crazy shitting everywhere?”
Silas: ”Crazy shit, all right...” (0:50)

Cain tells the students, "Now, my instincts tell me it’s you..." (0:51)

Silas adds marijuana to brownie batter. (0:54)

Cain appears intoxicated. (0:57)

Silas tells Lauren, "But pass the blunt..."
Lauren: ”I must be buzzed.”
Silas: ”You know, you surprised me by getting high.”
”You smoked my weed, didn’t you?...”
”Here, hit this.” (1:02)

Gerald finds marijuana plants. (1:04)

Gerald uses marijuana from a plant to roll a joint, then he smokes it. (1:06)

Silas tells Jamal, "I’m workin’ on my truth serum."
”... as in abusive or truculent.” (1:10)

Silas gives Jamal a blunt. (1:11)

Jeffrey, Silas and Jamal walk through a graveyard. (1:12)

Jeffrey: "This is insane."
Ivory: ”Yo, Silas, this idiot smoked up all the plant.”
Ivory: ”You idiot.”
Gerald: ”You idiot.” (1:14)

Cain tells Jamal and Silas, "It must be the effect of the brownies you sent me."
”I hate pot-smoking punks that think that everything should just be given to them.” (1:16)

“Hella Back” smokes a pipe.
Silas asks Jeffrey, ”Yeah, what happened to my truth serum?” (1:19

Bart tells Cain, "I already got the prescription filled." (1:20)

Silas tells Professor Wood, "Don’t even worry about that... by adding a little bit of cannabis I was able to counteract the nausea." (1:21)

Jamal tells Silas, "They high, dog... Man, I been pinchin’ your weed off."
Silas: ”Don’t even worry about it.”
Jamal: ”I been using your weed pipes.” (1:22)

Lauren introduces to the crowd "... the top-loading bud bowl... America’s first... bong."
Cain: ”A bong?”
Ivory asks the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, ”Yo, Ben, is that a bong or what?”
Franklin: ”Yep, it’s the liberty bong.”
Gerald smokes.
Cain: ”This is insane.”
Huntley: ”Dean, I have had it with your uptight, self-serving, over-opinionated ass.” (1:23)

The Vice President, Jamie’s father, smokes the bong. (1:26)