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How to Please a Woman

CastSally Phillips, Caroline Brazier, Erik Thomson, Tasma Walton, Alexander England
Year released2022
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Gina Henderson tells her daughter Chloe, "... Don’t you worry." (0:03)

Gina’s friend: "Gina, that is so brave..." (0:22)

Gina tells her husband Adrian, "I wouldn’t worry about it." (0:22)

Tom asks his ex-girlfriend, "Are you off Chocolate Obsession?" (0:28)

Gina’s friend Sandra tells the others, "Yeah, don’t worry..." (0:29)

Her friend Hayley asks Gina, "Wanna get drunk?..." 
”You're being so uptight.” (0:30)

His girlfriend tells Tom, "Don’t worry..." (0:53)

Anthony tells Tom, "In your dreams, bro." (1:11)

Her friend tells Gina, "Yeah, and then she got everyone drunk on the way here." (1:17)

Adrian asks Gina, "Are you hungover?" 
”I’m not seeing anyone else...” 
Gina: ”Well, you have your prescription.” (1:19)

Adrian tells Gina, "There’s no need to be hysterical." 
”This is hysterical behavior.” (1:33)

Sandra tells the desk sergeant, "It's better than cocaine..." (1:34)

A woman tells Gina, "Don’t worry about the license..." (1:35)

Her former business partner Steve tells Gina, "... A visit’s when you... think about whether you’re In the mood for a glass of pinot..." (1:38)

Woman: "Oh, that’s crazy..." (1:41)

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